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31 mar 2016


The Finnish symphonic/film score metal band RAVENIA just released a music video for the track "We All Died For Honor" online. Their debut album "Beyond The Walls Of Death" will be released on April 29th in Europe and North America through Inner Wound Recordings.

The video was directed by Markus Nieminen.

Link to the music video: https://youtu.be/_slB1sQFGg4

The sound of Ravenia is characterized by the massive orchestrations and the beautiful and emotional vocals from Armi and can be described as a mix between composers like Two Steps From Hell and Hans Zimmer, and metal bands like Nightwish and Epica.

"Beyond The Walls Of Death" was mixed by Nino Laurenne [Wintersun, Battle Beast, Ensiferum] at Sonic Pump Studios and mastered by Svante Forsbäck [Volbeat, Sonata Arctica, Apocalyptica] at Chartmakers. The album artwork was created by Jan Yrlund [Korpiklaani, Apocalyptica, Leah].

Ravenia is:
Armi Päivinen - Vocals
Samuli Reinikainen - Guitars
Veikko Ringvall - Drums
Toni Hintikka - Bass
Ville Koponen - Violin
Erkki Lasonpalo - Violin
Janne Ahvenainen - Viola
Juuli Ilmonen - Cello
Tommi Laitinen - Contrabass

"Beyond The Walls Of Death" track listing
01. For Those We Forsakened
02. Into Oblivion
03. We All Died For Honor
04. There Is But One Path
05. In Silence
06. When Darkness Reigns
07. The Fallen
08. We Stand As One

Ravenia online:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raveniaofficial

Inner Wound Recordings online:
Website: http://www.innerwound.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/innerwoundrecordings


After their December UK trip with GORGOROTH, THE NEGATION will be embarking on the second leg of their European “Memento Mori” campaign, with France’s MORTIS MUTILATI as main support and with stops in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.

The band released their successful brutal and sick second full-length, “Memento Mori”, back in July 2015 gathering rave comments from the worldwide medias such as “A relentless Black Metal assault that will not give you a break” [CvltNation] or “A prime example of what Black Metal was created to be” [Metal Temple], eventually getting selected #13 best 2015 album at the Lair of Filth, voted #5 best French Metal album of 2015 by France’s VS-Webzine readers, or chosen #4 best July 2015 album at No Clean Singing and so on.

THE NEGATION’s unique, sick and violent stage presence and perfect live rendition of the aural barrage on display on “Memento Mori” also made them one of the highlights of the second annual KaotoxinFest back in December and every time they got the chance to hit the stage. An experience not to be missed!

Get “Memento Mori” now at the Kaotoxin Shop here.

Tour dates
APR.08 – FR – Volmerange
APR.09 – BE – TBA
APR.10 – FR – Lille
APR.11 – UK – Bristol
APR.12 – UK – London
APR.13 – UK – Nottingham
MAY.04 – FR – St Etienne
MAY.05 – FR – Grenoble
MAY.06 – IT – Milano
MAY.07 – FR – Nice
JUN.03 – FR – Strasbourg
JUN.04 – DE – Spremberg (GahlenMoscht Open Air)

For more info: http://www.kaotoxin.com/the-negation-announce-second-leg-of-european-tour/

STREAM: Malamorte - Devilish Illusions (2016)

MALAMORTE - band based in Rome (Italy), it's a side project of Alex Nunziati (Lord Vampyr, Cain, Nailed God, Shadowsreign, Sepolcrum, VII Arcano, Theatres des Vampires) founded in 2009. After the first album "The Fall of Babylon" recorded in 2009 and out on CD and tape in 2014, the band started as official band and now ready to come out with the new record "Devilish Illusions". For fans of King Diamond and Mercyful Fate...

STREAM: Styxian Industries - Zero​.​Void​.​Nullified {Of Apathy And Armageddon} (2016)

Styxian Industries is influenced by bands such as Mysticum, Blacklodge, Diabolicum and Aborym, who all use a combination of industrial elements and more conventional black metal. While others get their industrial touch from samples and backingtracks Styxian Industries incorporated theirs by using distortion flooded e-drums. This maintains both the organic feel of our deterioration as well as the machinery achieving our glorious apocalyptic salvation. During 2009 the band released two rehearsels on CDR, both sold out at this moment. At the beginning of 2010 “Salvation through Detorioration” was recorded and released upon the world. In 2012 Total Death Records released the Styxian Industries - Redreom Split CD "Der Befehl lautet:Toete / Manifestation-Exaltation-Revelation". Five songs of harsh and torturing German Oldschool Black Metal and five songs of demonical and evil Industrial Black Metal. Post Apocalyptic music released “The Last Generation” in 2014. Styxian Industries has shared the stage with both Black Metal bands and Industrial acts like: Aborym, Black Crucifxion, Hanzel & Gretyl, Perturbator and Thornium.

STREAM: Bestial Deform - .​.​.​Ad Leones (2016)

BESTIAL DEFORM founded in summer of 1990 by Kirill Ulanenkov (guitar, vocals, lyrics). The impact on music format had the Florida death metal early '90s. From the outset, the group chose its own style - death metal. Firstborn appeared in early 1992, he was given the name of "Worship to madness". Circulation demo was released in the amount of 150 copies. Exactly one year later had a second kid, nasty and gloomy "Malebranche" (demo 1993). In it he revealed the whole essence and inner peace BESTIAL DEFORM. "Malebranche" became a hallmark of the group. During the subsequent time BESTIAL DEFORM is becoming one of the leading companies in Russia and CIS group on death metal scene. Band acts and touring relentlessly, especially successful concerts in Ukraine and Belarus. "Together we'll destroy the world" (MC 1994), written as usual in St. Petersburg on the Neva studio, she collected the best songs, loudly announcing himself among fans of death metal. Next out demo (1994) "The mystic". In this demo BESTIAL DEFORM presented new ideas, and they succeeded! This was a step towards the cult album "Bellum contra omnes" (1996). Over the years, the group becomes a professional, creativity and imagination of musicians have no borders. External influence a variety of styles does not change the first stone laid in the foundation of the kingdom of darkness, madness, and the unearthly hate. One steel bar, forged and tempered in the chaos of our world, not bent and bent ever! Hate theory goes side by side with the practice! In 1997, due to differences in BESTIAL DEFORM group suspended its activities, but two years later, in 1999, Kirill Ulanenkov typing a new line-up, once again revives the group. A number of concerts in St Petersburg, in Russia and Belarus reaffirmed itself! Work on the new album "The second coming" happens long and hard, and yet it leaves in 2004. Behind him, in the spring of 2005, the release of the single "We go to kill ...", a kind of prequel to the album "Stop the Christianity!" (2005). The album received very good grades and positive reviews in various publications. On two songs Jesus is Dead and Non-human Low shoot video clips. 2007 was marked by the release of the single dvuhpesennogo "Aut Caesar, aut nihil". In the entire history BESTIAL DEFORM played many concerts at various venues, performing at festivals, both local and international level. A large number of performances took place in the period from 2009 to the end of 2010. They were performing at festivals and concerts in Russia, Ukraine and Germany. The group shared the stage with bands such as: Behemoth (PL), Dead Infection (PL), Decapitated (PL), Vader (PL), Vesania (PL), Napalm Death (UK), Hypnoz (CZ), Fleshless (CZ), Deus Inversus (DE) and many others. In 2014 comes the next "cluster of dark energy" EP "Severed on pieces", which is a sort of preview of the new album, which is ready! Also in 2014 and 2015 have been re-released "Bellum contra omnes" and "Together we'll destroy the world", respectively. BESTIAL DEFORM not stands alone and is not trying to become a true icon in extreme music, and all the way to the selected group - only them, it is unique, isolated and there is no place for anyone. The Many Faces of the death machine that sweeps away everything in its path, and all! Battering ram, punching gates of consciousness! Catapult that carry the walls, exposing the flesh of cities and sensual creatures! Sadist, savoring of convulsions and agony.

NEWS: ...FROM THE DEEP Post 35 Second Scream Video; How Long Can You Hold Your Metal Scream?

(L-R): Mike Birch (guitar), Jake Sparling (guitar), Dave Solomon (bass), Graham Cwinn (vocals), Nick Kaminski (drums) - Photo Credit: Luc Pigeault Photography

Song Stream - We Will All Be Trees

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1fai71x4CQ
Bandcamp: http://fromthedeepband.bandcamp.com/track/we-will-all-be-trees

How long can you hold your metal scream...? Well Ottawa, ON's death eaters ...FROM THE DEEP have posted video of vocalist Graham Cwinn's demonstrating his 35 second scream.

NEWS: A REBEL FEW Premiere New Track 'Pure Revolution' via PureGrainAudio Debut Album 'As The Crow Flies' Out April 22

Music Video - Bitter Man - Watch here.

A heavy hitter of Southern rock with an injection of groove, Cambridge, ON's A REBEL FEW is comprised of ex-West Memphis Suicide members Chris Raposo (Vocals-Guitar), Barry Martin (Guitar), Chris Spiers (Drums) along with Adam Shortreed (Bass). Playing music to fill the void not only for themselves, but for those who connect with their sound, the band has already shared the stage with Steel Panther, Jackyl, Skid Row, Killer Dwarfs, Anvil, Kill Devil Hill, Texas Hippie Coalition, My Darkest Days, The Headstones, and Danko Jones all before their debut album 'As The Crow Flies' is set for release on April 22nd, 2016.

30 mar 2016


US death metallers PILE OF PRIESTS released their latest album "Void to Enlightenment" on December 2015. In order to promote their latest work, the trio will tour US during April.


Extreme ritual shaded act STORTREGN just signed a deal with Non Serviam Records for their upcoming album "Singularity".
The album, guesting some infamous international musicians, will be released on May 27th, 2016.

With their new upcoming album the band brings back the agressiveness into the metal world.


Kaotoxin and Massive Music are proud to announce MITHRIDATIC‘s “Miserable Miracle Europe Tour 2016” with NILE, MELECHESH and EMBRYO in support of their debut full-length, “Miserable Miracle” released on March 11 with great media comments such as “France continues to churn out some of the most chaotic, malevolent extreme metal in the world and the latest happens to be MITHRIDATIC.” [Loudwire].

Get your copy of the “Miserable Miracle” as a 1000 copies limited edition frist press deluxe DigiSleeve CD at the Kaotoxin Shop here.

NEWS: LIKE ANIMALS Announce Ontario Show Dates; New Music Video 'The Lion's Share' New EP Out 'Feral'

L - R - Will Tennant - Drums/Backing Vocals, Jamie Haffenden - Guitar/Lead Vocals, Myke Caouette- Bass/Backing Vocals  
(Photo Credit: Travis Tiernay)

Unleashing their new EP 'Feral' this past January to follow their previous animal-themed EPs ‘Sweet Whispers, Plagued Ears', 'The Undertoad' and 'The Wild', Orillia, ON's deviant melodic math metallers LIKE ANIMALS are hitting the road for dates in Barrie, ON and Oshawa, ON this April (details below).

April 2 @ The Atria - Oshawa, ON - info
April 7 @ Roxy Side Room - Barrie, ON - info

NEWS: Mastodon na jedynym koncercie w Polsce!

Progresja Music Zone zaprasza na koncert grupy Mastodon, który odbędzie się 22 sierpnia!

Sztuka rządzi się swoimi prawami. Członkowie grupy Mastodon z ogromnym szacunkiem podchodzą do praw, które kierują światem i życiem człowieka i idealnie słychać to na ich szóstym już albumie “Once More ‘Round the Sun”.
Choć płyta dla Branna Dailora, Brenta Hindsa, Billa Kellihera i Troya Sandersa jest czymś osobistym, to dla każdego z nich tytuł kryje inne znaczenie. O intymnym charakterze albumu świadczy zwłaszcza utwór poświęcony siostrze jednego z muzyków, która w wieku lat 14-stu popełniła samobójstwo.

ASCENDOR - Drive My Demons Away (2015/2016)

Kraj: Malta
Wydawca: Ascendor
Więcej informacji: http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Ascendor/3540358839

Malta - 400 tysięcy mieszkańców i ok. 35 działających zespołów metalowych (stan na 29 marca 2016 wg. Metal Archives). Wśród nich założony w 2011 roku Ascendor, który w 2013 wydaje debiutancki album "Becoming" a w 2015 jego następcę "Drive My Demons Aways", dystrybuowany od 2016 przez Nordavind Records. Maltańczycy serwują nam thrash metal w dość posępnym klimacie, będący wypadkową ich fascynacji sceną amerykańską i być może nie jest to najbardziej oryginalna płyta na świecie, a mimo to muzyka na niej zawarta ma w sobie coś świeżego i przyciągającego. Brzmienie jest masywne i soczyste, a średnie i szybkie tempa przeplatają się w poszczególnych utworach. Wokal jest mocny i brutalny a w "At The Gates", będącym najwolniejszą i najmroczniejszą kompozycją na tej płycie" pojawia się nawet growl. Tytułowy utwór zaczyna się riffem inspirowany NWOBHM, który przechodzi w thrashowe łupanie. W tym kawałku w tle pojawiają się demoniczne głosy, które budują odpowiednią atmosferę. W poszczególnych utworach można dosłuchać się zespołów, które inspirowały muzyków jak np.: motyw w  "Where Angels Lay To Die" jednoznacznie kojarzy się z "Hangar 18" Megadeth a w zamykającym płytę "Turn Water To Blood" pojawiają się slayerowskie riffy. Ten ostatni utwór trwa 11 minut, ale jest na tyle ciekawie zaaranżowany, że nie czuć tego czasu. Składa się on z trzech części, w których ciężkie, pełne furii riffy przedzielone są rockowo-bluesowym graniem. W "In The Hangman's Shadow"usłyszymy fragmenty inspirowane bliskim wschodem. Słowem, trochę się na tej płycie dzieje i myślę, że warto poświęcić jej 50 mint swojego czasu.


29 mar 2016


German black metallers ZEIT have announced April 1st, 2016 as the release date of their upcoming EP "Gram".

Below com can watch the official teaser for "Gram":

Cover artwork and full tracklisting below:

1. Erwacht
2. Verloren
3. Kollektive Einsamkeit
4. Maschinenfahig
5. Dort

STREAM: DARKYRA - Fool (2015)

"Fool" is the second full length studio album from Darkyra Black. The album is a concept about the people seen come and go at the fountain of wishes, the fountain built for kings and queens of the past. The songs are a behind the scenes look into their lives and their foolish obsessions.The album begins with the first section 'Fools of the past' which is centred around the indiscretions of royalty. The next couple of songs 'Where will I be' and 'Bleed' are from are an insight into what is happening in the observers live in present time. The songs in the section, 'Faces by the fountain' are from the observations made of the different individual she has seen at the fountain and the last couple of songs are a summary tying everything together.

Again another album with a strong Cinematic feel, blending Symphonic Prog and Epic Metal, modern but also capturing the feel of Rock and Metal favorites from the 70's. Baroque influences blended with Far Eastern Elements, a passionate vocal delivery and some epic surprises. Track #3 'Truth or Dare' features the bass work of 'demolition man', Tony Dolan (M-Pire of Evil, x Venom).

Darkyra Black is an Australian solo artist, she worked with a European Production company to create her album titled 'Fool'. In January 2014, Darkyra Black laid down 15 new track ideas ready for an April studio sessions deadline in the historic city of Athens. With George and Garry being based in Europe plans where made for the three with guitarist Betovani and Keyboard player Fab Jablonski to start work recording drums, guitars, guide keys and main vocal parts., The album was produced and recorded with Online Recording Masters, Athens by George Boussounis at Morph Flow Studio and co-edited and mixed by Garry King, La Foret Groupe. The musicians involved in the writing and recording of this album are all from Europe.

Featured Co-writers
Darkyra Black (Gina Bafile)
Garry King
Betovani Dinelli
George Boussounis

Additional Musicians
Fab Jablonski - KeyboardsTony Dolan - Bass
Kostas Vichos - Bass
Ilias Sdoukos - viola
Laertis Kokolanis - violin
Michael Porfyris - Cello
Choir - Evanthia Katsourou - soprano,  Antonis Batsakis - tenor, Emmanouel Papadopoulos - Baritone.
Tigran Sargysan - Duduk
George Ammos Ginis - Spoken word


NEWS: Reject The Sickness - video premiere "My Agony" on Legacy.de

Guy, frontman of Reject The Sickness comments on the video: "The video of My Agony was made by Malika Maria AtwOrk (Malika does visuals on bigger live shows). The lyrics of the song discribes the inner fight of a trauma after molestation. The video shows the mind-struggle of the victim. Pain, suffering, hope, redemption, revenge..."

Premiere on Legacy.de!


NEWS: A music video "Boundless Agony" by a Finnish folk metal band Wolfhorde

A Finnish folk metal band Wolfhorde have just released their first official music video. The song "Boundless Agony" is taken from their debut album "Towards The Gate Of North" which was released in January 2016 by Inverse Records. Music video is available in this location:


28 mar 2016

NEWS: THE MOUNTAIN MAN Unleash Debut EP ‘Bloodlust’ via PureGrainaudio.com

(L-R) – Jordan Orr (Guitar), Tevyn Pacey (Bass), Parker Lane (Vocals), Ryan McCreedy (Drums), Tyson Tambellini (Guitar) (Photo credit: Shimon Karmel)
Grab your axe and get ready to trek the Canadian wilderness alongside THE MOUNTAIN MAN as they set free their debut EP ‘Bloodlust’ into the wild. The Sasquatch metallers have joined forces with PureGrainAudio.com.

NEWS: OUT NOW! NECRONOMICON 'Advent of The Human God' via Season of Mist (March 18 EU/March 25 NA)

Photo Credit - Myriam Francoeur
NECRONOMICON have a well-earned reputation for quality by releasing material only when ready and satisfied with the outcome ever since their demo entitled "Morbid Ritual" (1992) firmly established their name within the underground. "The Silver Key" EP (1996) led to mainstream recognition on a national level, but their debut album "Pharaoh Of Gods" (1999) and the sophomore "The Sacred Medicines" (2003) did even more to establish the band as a household name in Canada. "Return Of The Witch" (2010) marked the international break-through for NECRONOMICON, and saw them performing at prestigious festivals such as Inferno (Norway), Ragnarok (Germany), and the Barge To Hell metal cruise among others, while sharing stages with acts such as CRADLE OF FILTH, DIMMU BORGIR, BEHEMOTH, and MORBID ANGEL, to name but a few. Their steady advance around the globe grew considerably in impact by their next full-length "Rise Of The Elder Ones" (2013). Now NECRONOMICON are more than ready for the next step with 'Advent Of The Human God', their latest brutal assaulting soundtrack now available via Season of Mist for North America as of March 25th.

NEWS: Darkyra cancel's European Tour due to Cancer.

Female fronted symphonic/cinematic metal from Australia have cancelled their April Tour through TJ Concerts in Netherlands and Germany. Singer / songwriter Darkyra Black also known as Gina Bafile has been confirmed to have Stage 3 Breast Cancer and will commence Chemo therapy treatments as of late next week. The band will reschedule their tour in a years time.

Band comments:
"To those that were looking forward to seeing Darkyra live in Europe, we are sorry that we are unable to attend this tour but we feel that cancelling this trip was the best decision to make at this time and we offer all our love and support to Gina during this tough time"

To remind, Darkyra planned to play:
07-04-2016   Jack's Music Bar, Zwolle (NL)
08-04-2016   De Engel, Den Helder (NL)
09-04-2016   De Driesprong, Aalten (NL)
10-04-2016   Home, Eibergen (NL)
13-04-2016   A Genne Komm, Eygelshoven (NL)
14-04-2016   The Cave, Amsterdam (NL)
15-04-2016   t'Vereinshoes, Vaals (NL)
16-04-2016   Garage Deluxe, Munchen (DE)
17-04-2016   Rockkneipe Jungfer, Arnstadt (DE)

Band even issued official tour trailer: https://youtu.be/t1D5BWsHRqc

NEWS: hellshop.eu Newsletter | March 26, 2016

GRIMLORD - V-Column (2012)

Kraj: Polska
Wydawca: Legacy Records
Oficjalna strona: http://www.grimlord.eu/

Wrocławski Grimlord jest na scenie już 17 lat. Na swoim koncie ma już pięć dem, album koncertowy  a "V-Column" to trzecie i na ten moment ostatnie pełnowymiarowe wydawnictwo. Zawiera 30 minut melodyjnego heavy metalu utrzymanego w mrocznym klimacie, na który w dużej mierze wpływa agresywna barwa głosu wokalisty oraz ciekawie ustawione brzmienie gitar.  Momentami pojawiają się również klawisze, które mają także swoje solowe fragmenty.  Niestety są na tym albumie elementy, kładące się cieniem na całokształt. Po pierwsze perkusja - albo została striggerowana, albo jest to automat perkusyjny, co byłoby dziwne, gdyż w składzie wymienieni są dwaj perkusiści. Nie pomaga też produkcja i miks płyty. Kawałek "King Is Dead..." nagle się urywa, ale brzmi to tak, jakby w połowie sola ktoś po prostu przykręcił gałkę. Podobny zabieg występuje w "Superconscious" a na dodatek występuje niezrozumiały dla mnie motyw śpiewania "na na na"wraz z gitarową solówką. Najbardziej przypadł mi do gustu jeden z dwóch instrumentalnych utworów "March Again", ale po zespole z takim stażem oczekiwałbym więcej. Szkoda, naprawdę szkoda.


26 mar 2016

HAIDUK - Demonicon (2015)

Kraj: Kanada
Wydawca: Haiduk
Oficjalna strona: http://www.haiduk.ca/

Haiduk to jednoosobowy projekt kanadyjskiego gitarzysty serbskiego pochodzenia Luka Milojica. Na swoim koncie ma on wydane w 2010 demo "Plagueswept" oraz debiutancki album z 2012 "Spellbook" natomiast w 2015 roku ukazała się druga płyta "Demonicon". Przede wszystkim jest to album koncepcyjny, na którym w 9 utworach przedstawione jest 9 demonów zamieszkujących Octavię, podziemny świat królestwa Callost, krainy fantazy wymyślonej przez Luke. Więcej informacji o królestwie i jego mapę można znaleźć na wkładce do płyty. Poczet demonów zilustrowany jest muzyką, którą można określić jako blackend metal z thrashowymi wpływami. W riffach można usłyszeć thrashową finezję, death metalowy ciężar i black metalowy jad. Utwory są utrzymane raczej w szybkich tempach. Wokale Luki brzmią, jakby pochodziły spod ziemi bądź z otchłani a na dodatek mają złowrogi, demoniczny wydźwięki. Niestety nie usłyszymy ich wiele na tym wydawnictwie, ze względu na bardzo krótkie teksty np.: są kawałki z tylko dwoma linijkami tekstu. Szkoda, że w nagraniach nie wziął udziału perkusista. Materiał brzmiałby wtedy ciężej.

NEWS: DEMISE OF THE CROWN Post Studio Video Recording New Singles w/ Producer Glen Robinson Self-Title Debut Album Out Now!

Unleashing their debut self-titled album earlier this March, Montreal, QC power metal quintet DEMISE OF THE CROWN are wasting no time getting back in studio for the release of new material. Collaborating with award winning producer/engineer/mixer Glen Robinson who has worked with names such as The Ramones, AC/DC, GWAR, Annihilator and Voivod, DEMISE OF THE CROWN are recording two new singles 'Black Rain' and 'Glorius Light', which the band has posted behind the scenes video for that can be viewed below.

25 mar 2016

NEWS: DARKEND announce Attila Csihar (MAYHEM) as special guest on their new album

Italy's gothic metal troupe DARKEND are just one month away to release their third full-length, "The Canticle Of Shadows".

After announcing that some revered cult figures of the international extreme metal scene would be special guest on the band's new opus - Niklas Kvarforth (Shining), Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ) and Labes C.N. (Abysmal Grief) - DARKEND have just announced the last guest to join the ranks: Attila Csihar, the iconic vocalist from Norwegian black metal legends MAYHEM.

"The Canticle Of Shadows" will be out on April 25th, 2016 via Non Serviam Records.

In the meantime you can stream the song "Clavicula Salomonis" at this location: https://darkend.bandcamp.com/album/the-canticle-of-shadows

The album will be available in Digipack edition limited to 500 units and will contain one bonus track.

Cover artwork and full tracklisting below:

1. Clavicula Salomonis (7:19)
2. Of The Defunct (8:44)
3. A Precipice Towards Abyssal Caves (Inmost Chasm, I) (6:05)
4. Il Velo Delle Ombre (4:47)
5. A Passage Through Abysmal Caverns (Inmost Chasm, II) (8:51)
6. Sealed In Black Moon And Saturn (6:13)
7. Congressus Cum Dæmone (6:38)

NEWS: AGONIA RECORDS - SPEKTR - ''The Art to Disappear'' - vinyls available !

After weeks and months of delays the vinyls of SPEKTR "The Art to Disappear"
- are finally available !

Scroll down for more details and orders!
Make Your Purchase !

STREAM: D.A.M - Anorexic Dysphoria (An Elegy For The Brainless)

D.A.M is a Melodic Death Metal band that emerged in 2013, that has in it short existence, a historic of productivity and quality that made it conquer a good space in Heavy Metal media and a place inside the hearts of fans from this genre.

24 mar 2016

W.A.S.P. - Golgotha (2015)

Kraj: USA
Wydawca: Napalm Records
Oficjalna strona: http://www.waspnation.com/

W.A.S.P. - zespół, z którym było mi do tej pory nie po drodze. Zawsze były inne płyty, które musiałem kupić, inne grupy, które chciałem usłyszeć. I tak mijały lata, aż niedawno w jednym z krajowych periodyków przeczytałem wywiad z Blackie i to, co mówił ten facet, zainteresowało mnie na tyle, że postanowiłem zapoznać się z najnowszą płytą. Po prostu byłem ciekaw, jak zabrzmi nawrócony rockman, który w latach swojej świetności ganiał po scenie z piłą spalinową między nogami. I jako zadeklarowany ateista przyznaję, że w tym przypadku połączenie heavy metalu z dobrą nowiną wypadło przekonująco. Żadnych mdłych i łzawych melodii. Utwory są dynamiczne, przebojowe, pełne nośnych melodii i rockowej energii, z refrenami śpiewanymi na kilka głosów,  wciąż osadzone gdzieś w latach 80. i 90. Głos Lawlessa jest drapieżny, przepełniony emocjami, pozytywnymi emocjami, w którym słychać radość z grania, szczerość i wiarę w to, o czym śpiewa. Co ważne, teksty nie traktują bezpośrednio o bogu i Jezusie, którego imię pada dopiero w ostatnim tytułowym utworze. Zdaję sobie sprawę, że ta płyta to prawdopodobnie nie jest szczytowe osiągnięcie W.A.S.P., ale fajnie było dostać taki zastrzyk pozytywnej energii, szczególnie w momencie, gdy się go potrzebowało. Nie, mimo wszystko się nie nawróciłem.



NEWS: ACCURSED SPAWN Release Fretless Bass Playthrough Video

Ottawa, ON based ACCURSED SPAWN has posted a fretless bass playthrough video for their song ‘Clotheshanger Abortion’, taken from the 2014 EP ‘Putrid’. The video was filmed and edited by Brittany Dawn Kreatives.

“We figured it was about time to show people what Wei has added to the Accursed Spawn sound. To say the least, his hands flying around the fretless has caught a lot of people’s attention since he joined about a year ago. Hopefully this will give fans a sense of what they can expect when we record our debut full-length later this year.” – Jay Cross (drums)

NEWS: DARKEND to release “The Canticle Of Shadows” this April on Non Serviam

Italian gothic metallers DARKEND have announced April 25th, 2016 as the release date of their third full-length, “The Canticle Of Shadows, which will be out through Non Serviam Records.

With their new offering, this five-piece from Italy will explore a variety of styles within the black and ritual metal genres, delivering a refined blend of dark melodies, crushing riffs, technical percussion, dramatic keys and abyssal mantras.

NEWS: Blackning - Studio Update

Brazillian thrash metallers BLACKNING have entered the studio to record the follow up to their debut release "Order Of Chaos" (2014).

With the recording sessions taking place on studios Acústica and El Diablo (Brazil), BLACKNING have already finished recording the drums, guitars and bass, which the vocals' recording sessions taking place during the next days.

The album, which will be released in the middle of 2016, is being produced by Fabiano Penna (Rebaelliun).

More info:
Official Website: www.blackning.com
Youtube: www.youtube.com/blackningmetal
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/blackning
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/blackningmetal
Bandcamp: www.blackning.bandcamp.com
Google play: https://goo.gl/xt4sgW
ITunes: https://goo.gl/O3Dt4D


The Greek melodic metallers INNERWISH just released a music video for the track "Modern Babylon" from their upcoming self-titled album. The album will be available on CD, 2LP, Tape and digital and will be released on March 18th through Ulterium Records in Europe and North America. Bickee Music will issue the album in Japan on March 30th.

Link to the music video: https://youtu.be/mjRZCq01VSA


The US symphonic metal band MIDNIGHT ETERNAL just released a lyric video for the track "First Time Thrill" from their upcoming self-titled debut album. The album will be released in Europe and North America on April 29th through Inner Wound Recordings and in Japan on April 27th through Avalon/Marquee.

Link to the lyric video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zFRSctjyks&feature=youtu.be


Below you can watch their tour promo video:

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUpwDMd8gT0&feature=youtu.be

23 mar 2016

NEWS: VESPERIA Sign w/ Fatal Illness Management Cross Canada Tour (April 4-24) w/ Finnish Masters KALMAH

L-R - Casey Elliott (Guitar), Morgan Rider (Vocals, Bass), Frankie Caracci (Guitar), Dylan Gowan (Drums)

Live at Wacken Open Air 2015 - Watch here.
EP Stream - The Iron Tempests - Listen here.
Music Video - The Western Tempests - Watch here.

After a hectic 2015, which included 3 tours, a new EP, a music video, an appearance at Wacken Open Air and being crowned the International Wacken Champions, Canada's VESPERIA have rung in 2016 by signing a management agreement with California-based Fatal Illness Management.

NEWS: BEHEMOTH wraca z koncertami po Polsce!

Behemoth wraz z Bölzerem i Batushką ruszą w trasę po Polsce! 8.października wystąpią w Progresja Music Zone!

Oczekiwanie zakończone. Behemoth ogłasza polską trasę koncertową, która odbędzie się tej jesieni i obejmie sześć miast: Katowice (dwa koncerty), Wrocław, Bydgoszcz, Kraków, Warszawę oraz Gdańsk.Trasa ma przebiegać pod hasłem „Rzeczpospolita Niewierna”, a Behemothowi w podboju ziem polskich towarzyszyć będą szwajcarski Bölzer oraz ciesząca się coraz większym zainteresowaniem tajemnicza formacja Batushka. „Rzeczpospolita Niewierna” to trasa, na którą polscy fani czekali od dawna, ponieważ zespół zaprezentuje w całości materiał ze swojej ostatniej, rewelacyjnej płyty „The Satanist”. Oprócz wszystkich kawałków z tejże w setliście nie zabraknie najważniejszych utworów z całej historii zespołu, co w połączeniu z perfekcyjnym show scenicznym, z którego Behemoth słynie, jest gwarancją widowiska na najwyższym poziomie!

Oddajmy głos Nergalowi, który nie kryje ekscytacji nadchodzącą polska trasą: „Po 2 latach przerwy wracamy na deski polskich klubów, żeby zamknąć cykl koncertowy promujący album „The Satanist”. Na październikowych koncertach będziemy grali całą płytę od początku do końca, co jest pierwszym tego typu eksperymentem w naszej ponad dwudziestoletniej historii! Behemoth jest w absolutnie życiowej formie i damy temu dowód już za kilka miesięcy! Do zobaczenia!

NEWS: AGONIA RECORDS - IN MOURNING: new song premiere // album pre-order !

IN MOURNING premieres a new track from their upcoming album Afterglow
to be released May 20th!
Scroll down for album details, available formats and pre-orders!

listen to the new track !
make your purchase!

NEWS: Double Bassist Attack SAINTS OF DEATH Confirm To Play Armstrong Metal Fest 2016 Debut Self-Titled EP Out Now!

Line Up - L-R - Stony Gingras - 5 String Bass / BU Vocals, Twan Holliday - 8 String Bass/Lead Vocals, Christopher James - Drums, Phil Henri - 6 String Guitar / BU Vocals (Photo Credit - Dean Mclean)
Vancouver, BC's  double bassist attack SAINTS of DEATH (a name inspired by the Mexican folklore of Santa Muerte (Spanish for Holy Death)) are proud to announce they will be performing at this year's Armstrong Metal Fest 2016 taking place from July 15 - 16 in Armstrong, BC and includes some of Western Canada's best in metal such as Archspire, Unleash The Archers and more! Latest line up details can be found here.

NEWS: Constraint sign a deal with Atomic Stuff Promotion

Italian symphonic metal band Constraint inked a deal with Atomic Stuff Promotion to promote its debut album ''Enlightened By Darkness'', released on February 12th, 2016.

22 mar 2016

MENTALLY BLIND - The Perception EP (2015)

Kraj: Polska
Wydawca: Mentally Blind
Więcej informacji: http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Mentally_Blind/3540344685

Wrocławski kwintet istnieje od 2009 i ma na swoim koncie  demo "Judgement Day" z 2012 oraz dwie EP-ki: "Where the End Begins" z 2013 i wydaną w 2015 "The Perception", o której traktuje poniższy tekst. Na płycie usłyszymy cztery utwory, czyli trochę ponad 18 minut kombinacji progresywnego death i metalcore'a. Mamy więc pokręcone, rwane riffy, łamane tempa. Wokalista zarówno wspaniale zdziera gardło, jak i pomrukuje niskim growlem, który płynnie przechodzi w czyste partie. Aranżacje uzupełniają djentowe elementy, a od czasu do czasu w tle rozbrzmiewają delikatne, inspirowane orientem wstawki, dzięki którym album ma swój klimat. Całość podana jest z umiarem i nie jest przekombinowana, przez co słucha się tej płyty naprawdę dobrze. Przez ponad 17 minut atakuje nas pełna energii i wściekłości muza i dopiero pod sam koniec następuje uspokojenie i wyciszenie. Nie obracam się na co dzień w podobnych klimatach, ale ten materiał przypadł mi do gustu.  

TRIPTYKON - Eparistera Daimones (2010)

Kraj: Szwajcaria
Wydawca: Century Media Records
Oficjalna strona: http://www.triptykon.net/

Długo się zastanawiałem nad tym, co powinienem napisać o tej płycie. Jakich słów użyć, aby przedstawić to, co się dzieje przez kolejne 72 minuty? Jak opisać dźwięki, które wbijają ciało w kanapę, oplatają umysł i nie odpuszczają aż do ostatniego taktu? W jaki sposób odzwierciedlić mroczną, wypełnioną Złem, mistyczną atmosferę tego albumu? Jak sensownie napisać o piekielnie ciężkich i hipnotyzujących riffach oraz opętanych, złowrogich wokalach? Jak określić trans, w jaki wprowadzają słuchacza monumentalne dźwięk? Żadne słowa nie oddadzą wielkości i potęgi tego wydawnictwa.


NEWS: Ethereal Riffian: European dates announced

Ukrainian psychedelic doom masters ETHEREAL RIFFIAN will release their new EP titled  "I AM. Deathless" on May 10 in partnership with Robustfellow Prods.. In order to present their uniqueness to the masses, the quartet will tour Europe during March and April. Find all dates below!

NEWS: BLOODY BLASPHEMY wypełznie z piekła dzięki Via Nocturna! / BLOODY BLASPHEMY to release “Total Death Celebration”!

English version - please scroll down

Z czeluści szwajcarskiego podziemia wypełza właśnie BLOODY BLASPHEMY! Pierwsza pełnowymiarowa płyta weteranów szwajcarskiej sceny black metal ujrzy światło dziennie już 28 kwietnia dzięki Via Nocturna.
BLOODY BLASPHEMY gra surowy, piekielny i bezkompromisowy black metal w stylu bliskim norweskim kapelom z przełomu lat 80-tych i początku 90-tych. To muzyka paskudna, kaleka i obrzydliwa, która mimo to zawładnie wami całkowicie. “Total Death Celebration” to prawdziwa uczta dla miłośników turpistycznego black metalu, którzy rozsmakowują się w zuchwale niedbałej produkcji i iście bluźnierczym przekazie.

NEWS: Italian Thrash Relics - Vol. I: two tracks available for streaming

After unveiling the bands who will take part to first release of “Italian Thrash Relics”and the artwork by the artist Andrea Pini, DeathStorm Records and Rude Awakening Records are proud to spread two tracks for streaming, part of the newborn series totally devoted to the Italian old school Thrash movement.

DESMODUS will come first with the tracks “Human Wreck” and “See The Light”, only available in their 1992 demotape and now remastered; these tracks can be listened on the label's official channels (YouTube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud).




Shortly, also FURIOUS BARKING tracks will be available for streaming, and the release date of “Italian Thrash Relics – Vol. I” is soon to be revealed!

Rude Awakening Records


DeathStorm Records


NEWS: CrystalMoors signed to Casus Belli Musica

The third album of CRYSTALMOORS (Cantabrian/Celtic Pagan Metal, Spain), titled as "The Mountain Will Forgive Us", will be released by CASUS BELLI MUSICA in the spring of 2016. This special album will consist of two parts: the 1st CD "The Sap That Feeds Us" is the band’s brand new material in the vein traditional for the group, and the 2nd CD "La Montaña" contains the unplugged versions of some old and new songs played with folk instruments.

At the moment the group finishes the album recording and prepares its artwork. In order to cheer up their fans and brighten up the waiting, CRYSTALMOORS shot a video clip for the song "Over the Same Land" taken from the forthcoming album.


Moreover, CASUS BELLI MUSICA will reissue the previous CRYSTALMOORS’ album "Circle Of The Five Serpents", which was self-released by the group in 2011.


NEWS: AGONIA RECORDS - RAGNAROK's new album stream - all formats available !

New album from RAGNAROK entitled Psychopathology is in stock and ready to ship!

At the same time we have available a compilation album of RAGNAROK Chaos & Insanity between 1994-2004 including band's 1st demo, various early exclusive and unreleased tracks, old footage and more!

Scroll down for more details and orders!

21 mar 2016

STREAM: PEARL GATES - Unchained EP (2015)

Pearly Gates (formed in 2005) is a Helsinki, Finland based rock band that is not afraid to mix catchy pop hooks and chunky guitar riffs in its music. Armed with three guitars the band creates a huge wall of sound only to bring it down with chimey jazz chords all while holding everything together with tight bass lines and monstrous drumming.

In August 2015 Pearly Gates released Unchained, an EP with four tightly knit songs that brings the band's sound to an all time high. The group spent a lot of time in studios, cellars and cabins around Finland recording the songs and making this music as satisfying as an aural experience can be.