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28 mar 2016

NEWS: THE MOUNTAIN MAN Unleash Debut EP ‘Bloodlust’ via PureGrainaudio.com

(L-R) – Jordan Orr (Guitar), Tevyn Pacey (Bass), Parker Lane (Vocals), Ryan McCreedy (Drums), Tyson Tambellini (Guitar) (Photo credit: Shimon Karmel)
Grab your axe and get ready to trek the Canadian wilderness alongside THE MOUNTAIN MAN as they set free their debut EP ‘Bloodlust’ into the wild. The Sasquatch metallers have joined forces with PureGrainAudio.com.

To listen to the ‘Bloodlust’ EP, please visit the following link on PureGrainAudio.com: http://puregrainaudio.com/audio/the-mountain-man-bloodlust-ep-exclusive-album-stream-premiere

Their EP is a five song onslaught featuring the title track alongside their breakout single ‘Open Graves.’ The album is AVAILABLE NOW for $5 CDN on their bandcamp: https://mountainmanmetal.bandcamp.com/

In addition to their new EP coming out March 25th, they recently won Wacken Metal Battle Canada Round III in Vancouver and will advance to the semi-finals.

1. Backhand of God
2. Bloodlust
3. Open Graves
4. The Great Decay
5. Ghost

Vancouver’s rugged outdoors-metallers, The Mountain Man, deliver a diverse blend of hard-hitting music, paying homage to the Sasquatch through crushing riffs and blaring drums. This band is all Canadian; celebrating camping, plaid, beer, and above all else energetic metal. Parker (ex-BRAUHEIST) gets straight to the point with his raw, gruff vocals and lyrics filled with animosity that cut through the instruments like an unyielding axe. Each song is like a hand-drawn map guiding fans through the British Columbian wilderness. While the first half is complete, the second half is up to the listener to build their own path and take what they will from each track.

The band developed their sound from listening to groups like The Black Dahlia Murder, Crowbar, Gojira, Lamb of God, and Black Sabbath, taking to heart the importance of dedicating their lives to their craft. Tevyn Pacey (Bass), Ryan McCreedy (Drums), Parker (Vocals), Tyson Tambellini (Rhythm Guitar), and Jordan Orr (Lead Guitar) are like woodsmen secluded from civilization with nothing but their instruments to craft doomy, yet frantic metal. They harness a variety of metal genres and bend them to their will.

The Mountain Man are releasing their debut EP Bloodlust on Friday, March 25, 2016. The five song EP is purposefully open ended so that listeners can interpret each song and find meaning for themselves. More information can be found at https://mountainmanmetal.bandcamp.com

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