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30 kwi 2016

KVLT: DEFORMATORY - Malediction (2016)

Brutalny, techniczny death metal opowiadający mroczna historię. Szczegóły na kvlt.pl.


29 kwi 2016

NEWS: Ottawa Symphonic Black Death Metal ENDEMISE Posts 'Anathema' Music Vide

Ottawa, ON symphonic black / death metal band ENDEMISE has posted a new music video for the title track from their upcoming album 'Anathema' due out later this year to follow their 2013 debut album 'Far From The Light' released on Maple Metal Records and 2012 self-titled EP. The album was produced by ENDEMISE guitarist Dale Sauve along with Ken Sorceron (Abigail Williams) and features eight blistering tracks to burst your ear drums (album artwork and track listing revealed below). Endemise's live brutality has also lead the band to be a favourite local support on the Ottawa metal scene for touring bands such as Abigail Williams, Cattle Decapitation, Alestorm, Battlecross, Beneath The Massacre, Crimson Shadows and Vesperia.

NEWS: Metal Injection Premiere Black Metal Brother Duo HELLEBORUS' 'Draconian Discipline'. New Album 'Carnal Sabbath' Out June 17th via Satanth Records & Black Plague Records

Colorado Springs, CO black metal duo HELLEBORUS founded by brothers Jerred & Wyatt Houseman announce they will be unleashing their much anticipated debut album 'The Carnal Sabbath' via Satanth Records (Russia) and Black Plague Records (USA) on June 17th, 2016. The album is a Bacchic frenzy of carnal abandon told through lascivious guitars and tempting bass rhythms along with elements of black, death and doom metal to provide a vast backdrop for an ambiance of potential and possibility. Fans of The Devil’s Blood, Satyricon, Necorphobic, Belphegor, Blut Aus Nord are sure to be seduced by Helleborus.

NEWS: Wacken Metal Battle Canada 2016: Crimson Shadows To Guest Headline National Final In Toronto June 11th

WACKEN METAL BATTLE CANADA is proud to announce 2013 champions CRIMSON SHADOWS will be special guest headliners of this year's 2016 national final in Toronto, ON at Opera House on June 11th.

"We are very pleased to have 2013 champions Crimson Shadows as our guest headliner for this year. I think it's an obvious choice, they have been going strong since they're crowning at Wacken and have been big supporters of the metal battle the entire time. It will be a proud moment to see their performance inspire and mentor this year's finalists." comments WMBC organizer JJ Tartaglia.

The national final in Toronto, ON will be host to Prairie Final winner Tales of The Tomb (Edmonton, AB) plus Ontario Final winners Profaner (Hamilton, ON) and Pyramid Theorem (Toronto, ON) with BC and Quebec finalists still to be announced. The winner of this year's national competition will perform at Wacken Open Air in Wacken, Germany, which holds an attendance of over 80,000 metalheads from around the world for 'One Band To Rule Them All'.

NEWS: CELESTIAL RUIN Streaming New Track 'Firestorm' via New Noise Mag New EP 'Pandora' Out May 20th

Combining a heavenly destruction of heavy riffs with beautiful melodies, Vancouver, BC's European influenced symphonic metal band CELESTIAL RUIN create catchy, singable and epic tunes that draw on lyrical themes of fantasy and horror, plus sometimes implying deeper meanings or just celebrating the subject matter at hand. Their new EP 'Pandora' is set for release on May 20th to follow their 2012 debut album 'The Awakening' and before it drops they have teamed up with New Noise Magazine for for the premiere of their second single 'Firestorm' which can be heard at the following link: http://newnoisemagazine.com/song-premiere-celestial-ruin-firestorm/

Vocalist Larissa Dawn comments on the track:

NEWS: Alchemy to release “Never Too Late” on May 31st, 2016

“Never Too Late”, the debut album of italian hard rock band Alchemy, will be published by Street Symphonies Records on May 31st, 2016. “We may say that 'Never Too Late' is a dynamic hard rock album with AOR and progressive influences, heavily based on solid drums and bass, catchy guitar riffs and powerful vocals, all glued together by orchestral strings and synths, but this is not what it really means to us” - says singer Marcello Spera - “To us, 'Never Too Late' is an album which tells you a story. The story of our past, of songs that were conceived almost a decade ago and were never born until now, of how we met, of the first rehearsals, of the sleepless nights spent on the arrangements, of the sleepless nights spent getting wasted, of the amazing live shows we played together, of friendship and love. It is the proof to ourselves that we must never give up on our dreams, because it is never too late to get them real”.

1. The Place Men Call Hell
2. Diablo
3. Alcohol Symphony
4. Never Too Late
5. Blessed Path
6. End Of The Line
7. Rise Again
8. Get Out
9. My Way Home


NEWS: Easter Before Christmas launched new video - "Life"

Italian Alternative rockers Easter before Christmas has just launched new video!

Easter before Christmas is an alternative rock band formed in 2010 in Viterbo, Italy.
In their music they mix up the style characteristics of many musical genres defining their own sound with the word PRUNK!

The band has a Demo-EP and two studio albums.

During their career, they achieved many results as have been selected for important cultural festivals throughout Italy such as the "IMAF Festival" in Milan attended also by Linus from Radio DeeJay; "The Final Act - Rome" presented by italian actor and dubber Pino Insegno; and more. Playing their songs, they have shared stages with several national known artists ie. Massimo Bagnato and some guys from Asganaway. Among the others awards, in 2012, Viterbo Records gave them the "Look and Style Award" for their live performance.
Their music has been broadcast also on some FM italian radios.
In 2013, Easter before Christmas left for their first international tour and they played in almost the whole of England the songs of their first album "The Plastic Bag"

STREAM: EYESTRAL - Beware the Rat King (2016)

Eyestral, Progressive Thrash Metal with various influences, began in the end of 2012 with Ant, a thrash metal guitarist with a dozen original compositions, and David Ayme, music teacher in Rouen influenced by progressive movements and jazz fusion. 

Eyestral was born...

Valentin Chouaf, a metal bassist, and drummer Baptiste Collay, complete the line-up. In 2014 the first demo tape was released and Eyestral began a run of twenty plus show across the country. In the beginning of 2016 the first EP came out called "Beware the Rat King" followed by some shows. It's only the begining...

NEWS: SAINTORMENT “Empty Sign” videoclip premiere

Latvian Thrash metal band SAINTORMENT launched brand new videoclip - "Empty Sign", teamed up with German portal Legacy Magazin for official premiere, the very first shot available HERE on Legacy's website.


Finnish hard rockers Wishing Well opened up for Graham Bonnet Band at On The Rocks Club in Helsinki on 21 April. It provided a good chance for Wishing Well band leader Anssi Korkiakoski to meet Graham Bonnet and discuss continuation for “Hippie Heart Gypsy Soul”, the song which they recorded last year and released earlier this year as a single and on Wishing Well’s critically acclaimed “Chasing Rainbows” album.

“It was good to meet Graham and have a chat. He’s not only a very pleasant and easy-going gentleman but also in top shape when it comes to singing. His live performance was awesome and I really enjoyed seeing him live after a long time. We were all just astonished by what he can still deliver. The band was great too”, says Anssi. “We discussed the possibility of working together in the future and agreed it would be great to record a new track at some point down the road. I really hope we can do that when the time is ripe again since now we’re still busy with promoting our album and Graham is busier than ever with his new albums and autobiography to be released later this year. Time will tell if it’s going to happen but we both honestly wish we’ll get a chance to make it happen.”

For the time being Wishing Well will continue with lead vocalist Pekka Montin, who replaced Peter James Good earlier this spring. The band is now booking more live shows and working hard to promote “Chasing Rainbows” album.

NEWS: Dream Theater NEW MERCH & The Jelly Jam Announce May 27th Album Release

Dream Theater Header
Jelly Jam Announce May 27th Album Release
The Jelly Jam banner
The Jelly Jam will release their epic new album Profit on 27th May 2016 via Music Theories Recordings.

The Jelly Jam feature DREAM THEATER's John Myung, WINGER's Rod Morgenstein, KING'S X's Ty Tabor and will return in 2016 with a new album and their first-ever world tour.

Profit is a glorious and affecting cinematic experience, full of suspense; the record follows the heroic yet daunting journey of The Prophet who, inspired by a deep sense of responsibility, embarks on a mission to try and save the world, and to open the eyes of Those Who Will Not See.

The Jelly Jam will support their latest album with full tour dates to be announced HERE. As guitarist Ty Tabor explains, "This album is without a doubt the most special moment the band has ever had together, and we must make touring real this year to support it."

Profit is now available to pre-order from the MLG store. The 180 grams vinyl is limited to 2000 copies, and comes with a download card.

Click on the image above to pre-order Profit from the MLG store.
The Astonishing Merch banner

New videos from Ulcer, In Twilight's Embrace and Vidian

Arachnophobia Records proudly presents new videos from Ulcer, In Twilight's Embrace and Vidian.

Pre-Order: http://sklep.arachnophobia.pl/

Three years after "Grant Us Death" Ulcer strikes again! Their third album will be released 25.05.2016 via Arachnophobia Records.

"Heading Below" is over 50 minutes tied in 9 songs of the highest quality old school death metal in the vein of Swedish classics.

Gut-ripping guitars, merciless drum assault and sepulchral vocals forged with spectacular catchiness and devastating sound make it one of the pretenders to the death metal album of the year.

'Legenda', the second album of Armia is in my opinion not only the most unique landmark of Polish music, but also one of those records which stick to you for a lifetime. Right from the moment I heard it as a teenager, I was totally blown away by the utter darkness these songs channeled and the unconquered spirit they possessed. The whole opus has this grim, dark and cold feeling which perfectly corresponds with the Polish reality of the early 90's with its fear and trembling. At the same time, there is a deep yearning for the worlds far beyond this place. In this respect, I find the band's founders Tomasz Budzyński and Robert Brylewski a perfect songwriting duo with the gift of creating new realms through sound. 'Opowieść zimowa' is perhaps one of their strongest songs – full of horror and weird kind of beauty at the same time. Covering it has been on my mind for years and I couldn't be more happy that we have finally done this. This is our homage not only to Armia, but to Polish music in general and the otherworldly power it was able to conjure back in the day.

Artist: Vidian
Track: A Piece of the End
Album: A Piece of the End MCD
Label: Arachnophobia Records
Year: 2016

NEWS: Gravitsapa new record is comming

Ukrainian Gravitsapa (post-sludge / minimal math / avantgarde /lo-fi) is going to release our 3-rd album 'Demo-2' on 14th May 2016 on CD & digital.

Gravitsapa is a Ukrainian band formed in 2005. The band recorded two mini-albums: self released Radio Free Albemuth in 2009, which was released in 2013 by HYSM? label under the name Free Radio Taxipod, and Vulgata also released by labels HYSM? and Skrot Up in 2013.
Listeners and critics praised Gravitsapa as the pioneers of the Ukrainian math-rock stage perfoming among the most brightful experimental sounds.

The band has taken its namе after the Soviet cult film Kin-Dza-Dza! depicting post-apocalyptic anti-Utopia. The major theme of Gravitsapa's work can be described in three words: mysticism, sci-fi and absurdness.

Loyalty to a one style is not an attitude to music for Gravitsapa. A one successful experiment performed in a track to be not repeated in the other seems to be the band's motto. Only eternal escape from the cliche, emission of otherworldly atmosphere and attempts to create music as a tool to enter a trance.

Throughout its history,Gravitsapa had completely changed the stuff for three times and pass a way from the alternative rock band  through experimental mathematical music to the style that is difficult to determine nowadays.

-Radio Free Taxipod - (2009, EP)
-Vulgata - (2013, EP)
-This One Will Go Fast (by Skrot Up) - (2013, Comp)
-Doing It Ourselves (by Tabula Rasa) - (2014, Comp)

27 kwi 2016

HUMM - Sanctuary (2016)

Kraj: Włochy
Wydawca: Via Nocturna
Więcej informacji: http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Humm/3540382276

"Sanctuary" to drugi album interesującego, do niedawna jednoosobowego projektu, ze słonecznej Italii. Włączając Start, totalnie nie wiedziałem czego mam się spodziewać, bo chociaż materiały wytwórni wspominały coś o post-black metalu i psychodelicznym rocku, to już po chwili wiedziałem, że tak łatwo wcale nie będzie. Przez kolejne 54 minuty do moich uszu docierały dźwięki będące wypadkową połączenia kilku gatunków i stylów muzycznych. Nawet po kilku przesłuchaniach wciąż jestem zaskakiwany przez kolejne niuanse, których umknęły mi wcześniej. Otwierający instrumentalny "These Woods Are Make Believe" to hardrockowe rytmy, które w kolejnym kawałku przechodzą w stonerowe klimaty, zastąpione w pewnym momencie heavy metalową dynamiką. I tak już jest do końca tej płyty. Sludge koresponduje z post-rockiem, jazz i blues łączą się z heavy metalem, a do tego wszystkiego dołożone zostają black metalowe riffy i blasty. Oszczędnie gdzieś w tle zabrzmią klawisze. Oddzielny temat to dualistyczne wokale, czyli połączenie agresji, subtelności, jadu i delikatności. Podwójne wokalizy dominują zresztą na całym albumie, chociaż w tle pojawią się też w pewnym momencie szepty. Swoistym podsumowaniem płyty jest zamykający ją wielowątkowy "Bird of Pray". Wszystkie kompozycje zaaranżowane są z umiarem i dzięki temu nie czułem zmęczenia i przeładowania nietuzinkowymi dźwiękami, zaprezentowanymi na tym wydawnictwie. Intrygująca i nieszablonowa muzyka, z którą warto się zapoznać i dać się ponieść.

NEWS: AD PATRES to tour UK in June

Kaotoxin is proud to announce the first ever UK tour by French Death Metal machine AD PATRES, supporting brutal Britts of ABHORRENT DECIMATION.

After having played HellFest and many other French festivals, Netherlands with Krisiun, a weekend tour with Morbid Angel in France and Belgium, played Germany’s DeathFeast and whatnot, it’s time for AD PATRES to bring their savage beatings to UK stages and who other to team with than ABHORRENT DECIMATION for a brutal package of high-class Death Metal the way it was meant to be!


Hellthrasher Productions proudly presents a CD version of the new Paroxsihzem MLP, originally released in March on 12'' vinyl.

Following a punishing split CD with Adversarial, this mini-album sees the band moving towards a new, exciting direction with 25 minutes of the fastest, most violent and vicious material they have ever done. Recorded / mixed in August 2015 with mastering duties handled by Damian Herring (Horrendous), the EP comprises 5 new tracks (including an Arkhon Infaustus cover) and is the band’s first release to feature current drummer, Abyss (most well known as Adversarial’s bass player). The artwork and layout were made by Krag.


Finnish cinematic metal band Dark Sarah (of ex Amberian Dawn singer Heidi Parviainen) will release a new album called "The Puzzle" later this year. The first music video for the song "Little Men" is just released.

Link to the music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BaxZpZp3d4

Musically "The Puzzle" album will continue the cinematic metal sound, but this time a bit heavier and faster, combining different music styles spiced up with black humor and mystical stories with creatures of the Underworld.

Story: In the end of the debut album called "Behind the Black Veil", released last year through Inner Wound Reordings, the Evil Tree had broken into pieces and Dark Sarah´s soul with it. She did not die, but was left in a loop between two worlds, between life and death. She was sent down to the River of Death to drift along the streams and she ended up on an island in the middle of a mighty ocean. She woke up on the shores of the misty island. It was a magical rocky island, the rocks were black and they sparkled like covered by millions of diamonds in the endless night. Sharp cliffs and huge statues painted the dark sky, the ocean was wild on its shores.Dark Sarah felt the air in her lungs - she was alive after all. She felt the strength coming back to her limbs, she got up and started to explore the island. She found a cave and went in. There she saw a light twinkling in the back of the cave and started to move towards it slowly. She looked through the small hole and was mesmerized.
And THIS is the place for the first music video called "Little Men". It is surely  something REALLY DIFFERENT and same time REALLY CRAZY!

Guests on the album: Manuela Kraller (ex Xandria) - Fate, JP Leppäluoto (Charon, Northern Kings) - Dragon and YET UNNAMED GUEST - Evil Siren Mairmaid

Crowdfunding: https://igg.me/at/darksarahthepuzzle/x/4282810
Official album trailer: https://youtu.be/GIDqKVvGEhM

NEWS: Scarleth - Double Memory (Official Lyric Video) premiere!

Ukrainian female-fronted melodic metal band Scarleth has just launched new lyric video!

Scarleth comments: Lyric video for one of the most aggressive and heavy songs of the new album is online now! It is “Double Memory” – futuristic world of altering memories and consciousness. Watch and enjoy.

Scarleth is remarkable and experienced Ukrainian metal band playing music on joint of modern heaviness and diverse melodism. For the time being the band has played several hundreds of live shows, released two full-length albums worldwide and took part in festivals where Sergey Mavrin, Cherniy Obelisk, Dark Lunacy and other famous bands performed. Band’s style is expanding constantly and represents mind-blowing mixture of many melodic genres - from power, folk, doom and gothic metal to modern/progressive metal. Band completely deserves to be called one of the most outstanding young musical representatives of its style.

26 kwi 2016

STREAM: ANTYRA - Flammenflut

Six long years have passed since the metal hymn Eye Out Of Fire has closed the first EP of an Epic Metal Band from Leipzig called ANTYRA, founded in 2006. Since then the band had to face a lot of tough years. But now, in late autumn 2015, unstoppable like a flood of flames a new era rises: their album debut Pentachronist, a pretty sophisticated concept album recorded with a new line up, is at hand! It is a collection of exclusively written short stories, which were set to music. Each song (respectively story) is introduced by a prologue with partly massive choirs or audio drama effects to get the listener prepared for the coming plot. This matching with Antyrahabitual variety from fantastic elegy by way of pretty fat grooves up to ice cold brute makes Pentachronist live as on CD an
epic metal listening experience of a very special kind. ENJOY!

„Here one of those special vanguard labels should come knocking urgently,...” ( Rock Hard Germany 2/2016 (RH #345)) „And somehow I can't find the right words anyway!“ ( fatal-underground.de)

„…again a first-class musical performance…“ „I warmly recommend their shows to you.“ (Bloodchamber.de)

„… a new hope for the genre may grow here.“ (metal.de)

„All thumbs up to Saxony!!!!“ (metalunderground.at)

„… powerful music, played beyond of genres and borders…” (deadcenter666.com/antichrist)

„…a record that a lot of professional bands are not able to make…“ (metal1.info)

„An album you should listen to in a whole.“ (crossfire-metal.de)

NEWS: VAN HALST Supporting 'Because I Am A Girl' Benefit Concert - Toronto - May 28th Out Now! New Album 'World of Make Believe'

Photo Credit: Renee Robyn
Edmonton, AB's VAN HALST is proud to announce they will be performing at this year's 2nd annual 'Because I Am A Girl' benefit concert on May 28th in Toronto, ON at the Hard Rock Cafe. The benefit concert features all acts with female musicians in honour of of supporting and raising proceeds for Plan Canada’s 'Because I am a Girl' initiative, which helps to create a brighter future for girls in the developing world. For more info on Plan Canada, please visit the following link: http://plancanada.ca/because-i-am-a-girl

NEWS: Swiss Black Metal ENOID (Satanath Records) Streaming New Track 'Ode A La Haine' New Album 'Exilé Aux Confins Des Tourments' Out May 5th

Attacking with an onslaught of crushing hyper-speed with straight-ahead black metal brutality sure to impress and amaze die-hard fans of the best of the classic Norwegian scene. Swiss one man black metal band, ENOID is streaming their second single 'Ode A La Haine', which is one of eight tracks from the upcoming album 'Exilé Aux Confins Des Tourments' set for co-release via Satanath Records (Russia) and Black Plague Records (USA) on May 5, 2016. The album is ENOID's seventh release marking the 20th anniversary since establishing in 1996. All instruments and the mix of the album were done by Bornyhake (Borgne, Kawir, Manii, Triumfall, Pure...) along with cover art done by Maxime Taccardi.

'Ode A La Haine' - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NisxxsC7MI

FREE download of 'Je T'Arracherai Les Cieux': https://satanath.bandcamp.com/album/sat146-enoid-exil-aux-confins-des-tourments-2016

1. Je t'arracherai les cieux (5:54)
2. Ces cicatrices dans mon âme (5:29)
3. Mangez ma chair, prenez ma douleur (4:31)
4. La croix de mon existence (3:46)
5. Nouveau cycle destructeur (4:07)
6. Sourire éternel sur mes lèvres (4:10)
7. La lumière disparaît (5:47)
8. Ode à la haine (8:48)

Length - 42:35


Bornyhake - all instruments and vocals

For more info, please visit: http://satanath.com/news/item/enoid.

STREAM: Saintorment - Well of Sins (2015)

Saintorment was born in Daugavpils in spring of 2013 as a child of love towards old school metal racket. The first live shows were played during the autumn of 2013.
Starting as a cover band playing tunes of Metallica, Kreator, Pantera, Exodus, the band soon recorded some demo tracks of their own material.

Romans (guitars and leader of the band) and Ed (drums) were the first members who started to play together. Without even a name for their band, they played then only in studio and were developing personal skills. Then they got in touch with Dan (bass), who gave a name to the new-formed collective, and continued to play together.
The band was constantly searching for a lead singer, but didn’t manage to found one, so Romans decided to take the microphone. Around the middle of 2014 they had already played a lot of gigs in Latvia and also in Lithuania. In the end of 2014, the band invited Max (an experienced musician, who played in such bands as Balaguri, Begotten, Asthma) as a second Rhythm/Lead guitar player.

During the summer of 2015 Romans recorded Saintorment’s first album entitled “Well of Sins”, which was released by the end of the year in December.

25 kwi 2016

NEWS: Progresja Music Zone zaprasza w maju i czerwcu!

CRIMES OF PASSION (C.O.P. UK) - Kiss of an Angel EP (2015)

Kraj: UK
Wydawca: UDR GmbH
Oficjalna strona: http://www.copuk.com/

C.O.P. miałem okazję zobaczyć podczas ich wizyty wraz z Helloween i Rage w warszawskiej Progresji. Wcześniej nie miałem do czynienia z ich muzyką, a i sam występ nieszczególnie przykuł moją uwagę. Jednak pod koniec wieczoru najnowsza EP-ka Brytyjczyków wpadła mi w ręce i dzięki temu mam okazję lepiej zapoznać się z ich twórczością.

Płyta składa się z czterech utworów i trwa niecałe 19 minut. Dwa pierwsze kawałki to zupełnie nowe kompozycje, trzeci to singlowa wersja starszej kompozycji, a czwarty to nowa wersja starszego numer.

Pierwszy w kolejce jest tytułowy "Kiss of an Angel". Jest to typowa hard rockowa ballada skierowana do Anioła. Tak na marginesie teksty C.O.P. oscylują woków tematów związanych z chrześcijaństwem. Wracając do pocałunku anioła, to usłyszymy w nim akustyczne gitary, wspólne śpiewanie refrenu. W sumie nic specjalnego.

Drugi w kolejności utwór "My Blood" jest zdecydowanie mocniejszy i cięższy od swojego poprzednika. Również wokal ma bardziej agresywną barwę. Zgodnie z kanonem gatunku refreny odśpiewane chóralnie.

"Blown Away" to kolejna ballada jednak znacznie różniąca się na plus od jedynki. Oczywiście utrzymany jest standard, czyli akustyczne zwrotki i mocniejsze uderzenie w bridgach i refrenie oraz ponownie chóralne refreny, ale w tym kawałku są kurcze emocje i to mi się podoba.

Zamykający EP-kę "Blackend Heart" nagrany z udziałem Biffa Byforda, to zdecydowanie najmocniejszy i najmroczniejszy kawałek na tym wydawnictwie. Jest również najciekawszy pod względem aranżacyjnym, a jego zakończenie to konkretna petarda. Dla mnie najlepszy utwór na tym wydawnictwie.

Nie będę ściemniał, muzyka C.O.P. z butów mnie nie wyrwała, ale jest całkiem ok i fanom hardrocka powinna przypaść do gustu.



23 kwi 2016

NEWS: Ottawa Death Metal Hybrid OMINOUS ECLIPSE Posts 'End of Days' Lyric Video

L-R- Graham Murphy (Guitar/Vocal), James Close (Guitar/Vocal), Ryan Clements (Bass), Andrew Poskus (Drums) 
Photo Credit: Max Southwood

Forging death metal with elements of thrash, groove, black, and melodic tones, Ottawa, ON's hybrid force OMINOUS ECLIPSE has posted a new lyric video for the title track from their latest album 'End of Days' released in 2015, which was an immediate follow up to their 2014 debut EP 'Beyond The Apocalypse'. The band recently opened for Kalmah and Vesperia earlier this month and have just been announced once again as local support for Aegaeon and Depths of Hatred for their tour stop in Ottawa on May 28th.

Vocalist/ guitarist Graham Murphy comments on the lyric video:

NEWS: Luna Rise New Video premiere on Legacy

Luna Rise are back! Having released two masterfully produced music videos (Dead Alley, Valentine), and their critically acclaimed debut-effort "Dark Days & Bright Nights" the self-proclaimed "Heart-Rockers" now reveal quite literally - the crude truth. No overly special film location, no casted actors and no make-up at all. More than ever before do Luna Rise offer a glimpse behind the curtains of the recording-process.

For the first time the moonstruck rockers present their interpretation of a cover-song. The title "Dancing with Tears in my Eyes" orignially by the 80s-classic rock icons "Ultravox" is being re-shaped and modelled following the unique blend that gives Luna Rise their signature sound. Ye be warned - tears are gonna be shed.

Additional info:
The release of their debut album Dark Days & Bright Nights in 2015 via NRT-Records was followed by positive reception and acclaim from fans and the press alike. Luna Rise so beautifully crafted an interplay of passionate Melodic-Rock and full-on Dark-Rock which won the hearts of fans all over the globe. Already in their founding year in 2011, Luna Rise built up a loyal following with the release of the debut-EP "Smoking Kills, But Love Can Break A Heart".

Now, after their previous music video release to the song "Valentine" (2014), Luna Rise now invite you to come and dance under the moonlight by releasing their most recent motion picture effort for their Ultravox cover "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes".

Inital ideas and concept for the video were developed by bandleader Chris Divine, who also supervised production and editing of the project.

Official Links:
Luna Rise - Official: http://www.lunarisemusic.com
Luna Rise @ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lunarise/

NEWS: DRZORN ujawnia szczegóły nadchodzącej płyty “Reborn”!

Prosto z pięknego miasta Straussów, Wiednia, nadciąga DRZORN, projekt melodic death metal, który zadebiutuje w barwach Via Nocturna już 29 maja 2016 r.

DRZORN to twór jednego człowieka, Nikolausa Vuckovica, doświadczonego muzyka na scenie austriackiej i znanego z takich zespołów jak MORITURUS czy PENDRAGON. Tym razem przyjął tożsamość Drzorn, żeby zaprezentować światu swoje spojrzenie na tradycyjny death metal, który na “Reborn” cechuje się dużą melodyjnością, finezją ale i intensywnością. To płyta, którą doceni miłośnik nietuzinkowych dźwięków. Inspirowany JEFFEM LOOMISEM i NEVERMORE – DRZORN – to ciekawa propozycja dla wszystkich tych, którzy szukają w death metalu czegoś więcej niż tylko brutalności.

Poniżej prezentujemy otwierający numer z płyty pt. “001”:

Tracklista prezentuje się następująco:
01. 001
02. Fliegenschiss
03. Fragebogen
04. Landei
05. Marmeladetor
06. Menschenwald
Play the Game
08. Schneller
09. Schnurtanz
10. Traegerhosen
11. Weihnachtslied
12. Wetterfrosch

Płyta zostanie wydana jako standardowy jewel case CD limitowany do 500 wsztuk.

Pod tym linkiem możecie już składać zamówienia na “Reborn” w przedsprzedaży: http://store.vianocturna.com/drzorn-reborn-cd-p-981.html


Kolejne recenzja dla magazynu kvlt.pl.


KILLING FOR COMPANY - House of Hades (2016)

Kraj: Norwegia
Wydawca: Via Nocturna
Więcej informacji: http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Killing_for_Company/103723

Lubicie klasyczny death metal? Lubicie? To w takim razie jest to płyta w sam raz dla was. Nie lubicie, ewentualnie nie wiecie, o co chodzi? To posłuchajcie tej płyty, a może zmienicie zdanie. Via Nocturna przygarnęła Norwegów pod swoje skrzydła i wydała ich debiutancki album, który po prawdzie jest także pierwszym wydawnictwem zespołu, gdyż  nagrane w 2004 roku demo, nigdy nie ujrzało światła dziennego. A szkoda, bo być może panowie byliby teraz na innym etapie tzw. kariery. Cóż, proza życia. Cały materiał to utrzymane głównie w średnich tempach utwory, oparte na mięsistych, niezbyt skomplikowanych, ale melodyjnych i nośnych  riffach, solówkach, w których melodia stawiana jest wyżej niż prędkość przebierania palcami  po gryfie oraz mocnym growlu. Muzyka tria z kraju fiordów co to jedzą z ręki, może nie powala na kolana oryginalnością, ale są na tym wydawnictwie momenty, które w pewien sposób wyróżnia ją spośród innych zespołów grających tę odmianę metalu. I tak na przykład w otwierającym "God of Malice" można usłyszeć ciekawie zaaranżowane zagrywki gitarowe. W większości utworów budowowanie atmosfery wspomagają klawisze, które schowane głęboko w tle, dyskretnie odgrywają partie skrzypiec, jak w "Iron Coffin" czy "Frontal Assault", bądź chóru jak w tytułowym "House of Hades". Od reszty utworów odróżnia się zamykający płytę "Marching in Step with Death", która jest najbardziej technicznym kawałkiem na płycie. Jak wspomniałem, Norwegowie koła nie wynajdują i doszukamy się na tej płycie wielu wpływów klasyków gatunku, ale pomimo tego jest to 40 minut konkretnego old schoolowego death metalu. Płyta będzie dostępna od 30 kwietnia w sklepie Via Nocturna.

21 kwi 2016

NEWS: CELESTIAL RUIN Offer Free Download 'Sense of Exile' via PureGrainAudio New EP 'Pandora' Out May 20th

Combining a heavenly destruction of heavy riffs with beautiful melodies, Vancouver, BC's European influenced symphonic metal band CELESTIAL RUIN create catchy, singable and epic tunes that draw on lyrical themes of fantasy and horror, plus sometimes implying deeper meanings or just celebrating the subject matter at hand. Their new EP 'Pandora' is set for release on May 20th to follow their 2012 debut album 'The Awakening' and before it drops they have teamed up with PureGrainAudio.com for a FREE download of their first single 'Sense of Exile', which can be heard at the following link: http://puregrainaudio.com/audio/celestial-ruin-sense-of-exile-free-song-download

NEWS: Decibel Mag Video Premiere Sci-Fi Inspired RAPHEUMETS WELL 'Crucible of Titans'

Unleashing their album 'The Exile' this past March via Test Your Metal Records, Hickory, NC based RAPHEUMETS WELL have a new music video to wow fans with a visual world of their sci-fi/ fantasy inspired metal and concept story album. The video 'Crucible of Titans' is just once piece of the story line as drummer Joshua Ward explains:

NEWS: Necro.pt is proud to announce La Chanson Noire's new album

May 4th marks La Chanson Noire's return to records: 3 years after 'Macumba Stereo', Charles Sangnoir brings forth the most intense album in the project's career (celebrating a decade of existence next year). Besides the digital edtion, distributed worldwide by Digdis, the physical edition of 'Evergloom' in a luxurious digibox features a poster and a tarot deck, accentuating the most esoteric side of this record.

The live debut for 'Evergloom' is celebrated three-fold, with performances in Lisbon, Paris and London: May 4th, 16th and 28th, respectively.

'Evergloom' is already available for streaming and pre-order here: www.necro.pt


Brazilian death metallers VULTURE WINGS are offering their debut EP "Funeral Grounds" for free download and streaming on bandcamp (https://vulturewings.bandcamp.com/).

"Funeral Grounds" was recorded, mixed and mastered by Daniel Escobar at HR Estudio - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil  (Grave Desecrator, Nervochaos, Lacerated And Carbonized) and the artwork was designed by Augusto Miranda (Napalm Raid , Slaughter (CAN), Reiketsu).

Bellow you can find the artwork and full tracklisting:

1. Oath with no Words (Intro)
2. Tower of Silence
3. Walking Corpse Syndrome
4. Necrophagous Majesty


Greek melodic death band Aetherian just released a music video for their new single “The Rain” and they are currently working on new songs for their upcoming debut album.

Link to the music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ijn9EZSlJAM

Aetherian is a melodic death metal band from Athens formed in 2013 by Aggelos and Panos. By 2015 Aetherian released 2 singles and an EP titled “Tales of our Times” which were all included in a CD print version by Goressimo records. At that time Nikos joined the band and Aetherian performed several live shows with various local bands. “Tales of our Times” drew the attention and received great reviews from several zines.

NEWS: A REBEL FEW Streaming Debut Album 'As The Crow Flies' via Revolver Mag Debut Album 'As The Crow Flies' Out April 22

With a few days till heavy rockers A REBEL FEW unleash their debut album 'As The Crow Flies' on April 22nd, the quartet has teamed up with Revolver Magazine for the premiere of the full stream at the following link:


Vocalist Chris Raposo comments on the album:

NEWS: INIRE Unleash New Music Video 'Endless'; New Album 'Cauchemar' Out May 20th

L-R - John Laflamme (Guitar) - Fred B. Simard (Bass) - Dre Versailles (Vocals) - Dim Gervais (Guitar) - Chris Bonavia (Drums)
(Photo Credit: 
Edwin Arsiny Moran)

 Aylmer, QC's heavy hitting southern riffing speed demons INIRE are proud to unleash their new video 'Endless' in support of their upcoming album 'Cauchemar' due out May 20th (album artwork and track listing to be revealed at a later date) and produced by Chris Bonavia to follow up their 2009 debut album 'Born The Wicked, The Fallen, The Damned'.

"After so much hard work, there are no words to describe how excited we are to finally present 'Endless' the first glimpse into our upcoming sophomore release." comments vocalist Dre Versailles.

20 kwi 2016

OIL STAINS - Here Comes My Train (2015)

Kraj: Polska
Wydawca: Buli Records
Więcej informacji: https://www.facebook.com/oilstainsband/?fref=ts

Od razu napiszę, że podoba mi się takie granie. Duet sprawnie łączy elementy bluesa, rocka i stonera, nadając swojej muzyce klimat, który mi kojarzy się bezpośrednio ze Stanami Zjednoczonymi Ameryku Północnej. Słuchając "Me and my car" czuję się, jakbym przemierzał starym krążownikiem

NEWS: Forklift Elevator: EP out in May!

“Killerself”, the new EP by italian groove metal band Forklift Elevator, will be released on May 17th, 2016 under logic(il)logic Records; this work was mixed and mastered at Atomic Stuff Recording Studio by Oscar Burato. The track list is:

1. Life Denied
2. Bagger 288
3. The 8th Sin
4. Deception
5. Black Hole
6. I Executor
7. Hidden Side

"The after-”Borderline” was not an easy time for the band" - says guitarist Mirco Maniero - "The making of this record has followed an unconventional way: we used to play the songs at our concerts, even before the CD was released, so its creation was an arrival point, more than a starting point. “Killerself” on the other hand was planned with the goal to be a more intimate and personal product, we wanted to give the album a precise identity. In this process, the bad luck of the line-up change gave us a shake, and let us take the right direction. We had to restart, with a new vocalist, a new guitar player and a new identity, but it all happened with unexpected ease. The six songs are authentic "punches in the face" exactly as we hoped they were, the band's sound has evolved from a distinctly classical style to something more modern and scratchy. Well, I would say that “Killerself” it's what we are now, and what we have become, similar but different, and still very, very pissed off!".



NEWS: SHREDHEAD release "Devil's Race" videoclip and will support OVERKILL + CROWBAR in November EU tour!

Israeli Thrashers SHREDHEAD release new videoclip "Devil's Race", the second video off their second album "Death Is Righteous" (album was mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (Suicide Silence, Aborted, The Haunted, Sick Of It All)).

The video now premiered on All Things Metal - https://www.facebook.com/ATMmetal/videos/1393794743982818/

Filming and Editing: Guy First.
Assistant Editor: Omer Weiss.

NEWS: Finnish melodic metal band THE HYPOTHESIS releases a new single. Upcoming ORIGIN -album receives excellent reviews!

THE HYPOTHESIS, a Finnish band playing modern melodic metal, has released a single called ”End of Your Days”. Single is now available in Spotify and other streaming services. The upcoming Origin –album has already gathered excellent reviews globally and radios around the Europe and US have added The Hypothesis on their playlists. Physical and digital version of the Origin –album will be released 5th May 2016.

New song ”END OF YOUR DAYS” is released via Spotify:



The US symphonic metal band MIDNIGHT ETERNAL just released a music video for the track "Signs Of Fire" from their upcoming self-titled debut album. The album will be released in Europe and North America on April 29th through Inner Wound Recordings and in Japan on April 27th through Avalon/Marquee.


On May 6th 2016 the swedish thrashers INFERIOR will release a new album entitled "The Red Beast".

The album consists of 40 minutes of death filtered thrash metal and it will be released by Big Balls Productions.

Check out their brand new video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOgf4XXJwCc

19 kwi 2016

NEWS: Gore-death metal gods Lividity to release 3’MCD on May + European tour dates / w. Dictated announced!

Gore-death metal gods Lividity to release 3’MCD on May 2016 via Viscera records, 4 tracks of pure gore and sickness!
Tracklisting and cover art are as follows:

1. T.L.C. (Tight 'Lil Cunt)
2. Dismantle The Carcass
3. Tampered Flesh
4. Pussy Lover
Recorded at Circolo Colony in Brescia, Italy
July 14, 2015