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21 kwi 2016

NEWS: Necro.pt is proud to announce La Chanson Noire's new album

May 4th marks La Chanson Noire's return to records: 3 years after 'Macumba Stereo', Charles Sangnoir brings forth the most intense album in the project's career (celebrating a decade of existence next year). Besides the digital edtion, distributed worldwide by Digdis, the physical edition of 'Evergloom' in a luxurious digibox features a poster and a tarot deck, accentuating the most esoteric side of this record.

The live debut for 'Evergloom' is celebrated three-fold, with performances in Lisbon, Paris and London: May 4th, 16th and 28th, respectively.

'Evergloom' is already available for streaming and pre-order here: www.necro.pt

Below you will find the tracklist and artwork cover:

1. Pródiga Primavera
2. Lonely Leader
3. The Dead
4. Evergloom
5. Drama Queen
6. Hymn to Hashish
7. Família de Chantilly
8. Marinheiro de Aguardente
9. The Widow's Son
10. O Uivo
11. Come Collapse
12. Amante Marítim

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