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18 kwi 2016

NEWS: Out Now! DEATH LULLABY Streaming New Album 'Wormz' via Famined Records

Montreal, QC's DEATH LULLABY are proud to unleash their debut album 'Wormz' out now as of April 15th via Famined Records. The album features eleven bone-crushing tracks with guest appearances from Fred Beaulieu (Beheading Of A King), Dan Mongrain (Voivod, Martyr) and Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy) whom also produced, mixed and mastered the album at The Grid.

A full album stream can be heard at the following link:

'Renegade' - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0Jkwm2BUS4

Album order:
iTunes: http://found.ee/yMnIS
Google Play: http://found.ee/D2tWp
Amazon: http://found.ee/iFHs1

1 - They Dig / They Devour (1:06) [Lyric Video]
2 - We Won't Live Forever (2:50)
3 - Renegade (2:53) [Music Video]
4 - Strife (3:18)
5 - Conquer All (3:43)
6 - Anachrony (3:01)
7 - Wormz (3:29) [Music Video]
8 - Dethrone The Grower (2:53)
9 - Cycles (4:56)
10 - Devolution (3:25) [Playthrough Video]
11 - Rainmaker (6:43)
Album Length: 38:21

For more info, please visit: www.DeathLullaby.com.


It is inevitable that many bands today focus and depend on technology or image but completely forget what it feels like to be in a violent, hard hitting, and charismatic and professional metal show. Mounted from A to Z for choreography, light show, and stage presence, the band is not only known for the music, but giving the people what they want; a notorious live show & a run for their money.

“Wormz”, is Death Lullaby’s newest entity which was recorded, mixed & mastered by Chris Donaldson in Montreal’s renowned metal studio: The Grid. Containing 11 bone-crushing tracks that feature guest appearances such as: Fred Beaulieu from Beheading Of A King, Dan Mongrain from Voivod & Martyr and Chris Donaldson fromCryptopsy, this album will be sure to raise a few eyebrows.

With only the release of their 1st EP “Fractal” in late 2012, the 5 members have shown off their music all around the east coast of Canada and have done the 2 biggest Metal Festivals in Canada in 2013 (Heavy MTL, & Amnesia Rockfest). Opening for acts such as Born Of Osiris, Veil Of Maya, After The Burial, Ion Dissonance, I the Breather,Structures, Within The Ruins, Northlane, Vildhjarta, Origin, Beneath The Massacre, Cryptopsy and Hate Eternal, the band is in no struggle to take on bigger and better things.

It is no doubt that the 5 members put in the hours to attain a level that allows them to play with such reputable metal artists, and have proved time and time again, that they never fail to deliver. Not only is DL’s focus unbreakable,  but the work ethic involved justifies every stepping stone of their career.

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