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30 cze 2016

STREAM: BLIGHT - The Teachings EP (2016)

BLIGHT bursted forth from the Womb of the UmbraPlasma back in 2008, as a singular emanation willed by our Lord in Gnosis, LUXFERRE. Initially a very low profile side-projects from ex-members of VATICAN (G. McCaughry & Thomas) which was only to release underground tapes (namely "hELIed" via Croquemort Records, and "Anarchonic Deathworship" via Heavy Penetration Prod.).

After a brief hiatus from 2010 to 2011 and G. McCaughry parting ways with Thomas, as well as the subsequent online release of all recorded material thus far, a new pact was formed with ex-Insect members Pascal, Cedric & Rob (formerly from INSECT & ONTÔS ON) to create what would become the next incarnation of BLIGHT as a full-lineup project.

2012 was a busy year focusing on developing that vision, writing new material and preparing for an eventual come back on stage.

Brand new tracks, respectively entitled "Death Reborn" and "Gnostic Dirge" have been recorded at Sonic Stream Studio by Max Ducharme (aka Scythrawl) from Ether, Trails of Anguish, Nefastus Dies, Unquintessence, etc.


STREAM: Bathyum - Trancending Beyond The Realms Of Humanity

Bathyum (pronounced: Bath-eye-um) is a one man Black Metal band from the North West of England.

Debut album "Rituals of the Damned" was released digitally on 22/02/16. It is currently up for streaming/download on Bandcamp, Youtube, Facebook, Soundcloud and Reverbnation.

Mainly inspired by the Norwegian "Second Wave" Black Metal bands of the late 80s/ early 90s, Bathyum aims to capture a similar atmosphere but adding a modern take on a classic sound.

Reviews and feedback have been highly positive with comparisons being made to Black Metal legends Darkthrone, Satyricon and Immortal.

For more information, please contact bathyum@gmail.com

STREAM: OROBAS - Arise In Impurity EP (2016)

Orobas is a blackened death metal band hailing from Dhaka, Bangladesh. The band was formed by drummer Hephaestus in early 2015. After several lineup changes the band now comprises drummer Hephaestus, vocalist Sammael, guitarist Kraken and bassist Puppeteer. Orobas is heavily influenced by bands such as Venom, Mayhem, Beherit and Behemoth. The lyrical theme of the band is based on occult and mythology.

STREAM: RIBBONS OF EUPHORIA - Ribbons Of Euphoria (2016)

Ribbons of Euphoria is a relatively new band, which, whilst keeping blues-rock as a basis, is flirting with psychedelic and progressive elements, thus composing a beautiful musical combination, which has the immediacy of the - good - old times. They were formed in late 2006 by Nick Poulakis (el. guitar, backing vocals), Thanos Karakantas (organ, bass, backing vocals) and Thanasis Stroggylis (drums). In the summer of 2007, Stavros Zouliatis (vocals) was added to the whole. The band aims to defend rock music and its stylistic culture, thus rendering it existent in a world that considers it lost for ever. Unrepentantly nostalgic of the '60s and '70s, Ribbons include their own compositions from their first album in their repertoire and also many covers of well-known songs, which are performed with precision and respect to the sound and style of that era.

STREAM: Isgärde - Jag Enslig Skall Gå (2016)

Isgärde was formed by Somath 2015 and plays Öländsk black metal. Somath, sole band member of Isgärde, living on the island Öland in Sweden, wanted to create a band dedicated to the island itself. The lyrics are inspired by its history and the music conveys the atmosphere that is of rich nature and solitude, being both raw and majestic. ”Jag enslig skall gå” is Isgärde’s first album.

29 cze 2016

KVLT: SHADOW REBELS - Oversleep Hurricane (2015)

Kraj: Izreal
Wydawca: Metal Scrap Records / Another Side Records
Kontakt: http://www.shadowrebels.com/

Trochę progresywnego hard rocka z Izraela.


STREAM: Fortíð - The Demo Sessions (2016)

Formed in Iceland 2002 as the solo project of Einar Thorberg, AKA Eldur. After releasing 3 albums, known as the Völuspá trilogy, Fortid had relocated in Norway as a full lineup band. The year of 2012 saw the release of the 4th album entitled Pagan Prophecies and Fortid followed up in 2015 with the album 9. Through the years of 2008-2015, Fortid made approximately 80 minutes of demos and pre-productions. These recordings consist of 5 different sessions and are all coming together on one CD which is simply entitled ‘The Demo Sessions’. This includes rough demo mixes, 2 entirely different recording sessions of songs from Pagan Prophecies, an Enslaved cover song and a brand new Fortid song, written exclusively for this release. This is a collector item. 6th studio album is already well on the way in the making.

28 cze 2016

DOOMSTER REICH - The League for Mental Distillation (2014)

Kraj: Polska
Wydawca: The End of Time Records
Kontakt: https://www.facebook.com/doomsterreich

Sugerowałbym nie kierować się nazwą zespołu. Wprawdzie Łodzianie grają psychodeliczny doom heavy metal, ale nie spodziewajcie się walcowatych riffów i depresyjnej atmosfery. W zamian grupa zabiera nas w odrobinę nieprzewidywalny świat narkotykowych wizji i szaleństwa.

27 cze 2016


Veil of Deception was formed in Vienna, Austria, in January 2013 with the intention to prove to all naysayers that Austrian metal is alive and well. What started off by Gerd (ex Xenotopia) and Dejan as a couple of jam sessions in order to exchange a few guitar riffs and ideas has now become a perfectly well-oiled machine ready to take the scene by storm. Gerd and Dejan started seeing the tremendous potential in those water-tight riffs they started writing together and decided to take things to the next level. It didn’t take long before Erik joined them on bass. Erik was a seasoned bass player with an amazing musical background that added a certain je ne sais quoi to the equation. Things were looking good.

Finding a vocalist always proves to be tough. Spanish national Daniel (ex Jack Glass, ex Nephwrack, The Naked Show) answered an ad posted by Gerd and the audition blew the guys away. Now it was time to scour Vienna in search of a competent drummer! Eventually Mike came along with his tight drumming skills and his larger-than-life personality and sense of humour. He brought along a whole wealth of hardcore influences which would surely be thrown into the mix.

After a few months of strenuous hard work the band released their début album, cleverly titled “Deception Unveiled”. A musical project way too hard to accurately label within a metal scene which unfortunately has become stagnant and predictable down through the last few years. The avid metal connoisseur will instantly pick up the stoner, heavy metal, groove and even thrash and modern metal influences yet at the same time will concede that the guys keep a sense of cohesion, giving their sound a whole sense of unity and personality throughout. The lyrics are thought-provoking, getting the listener to embark on a labyrinth of thoughts upon each listen.

Unfortunately Erik had to leave the band for personal reasons shortly after the recording of “Deception Unveiled”. VoD found a solid replacement in Thomas Hava, an extremely talented bass player whose level of commitment captivated the band.

After many gigs around the Vienna area (Legion of Bokor, Enclave, Esseker, Eyes In The Void, Eneera…) enlarging their fanbase and countless hours of practice the band also shot a video of the track “Earsplitting Silence”.

Last year in December VoD shot another video for another live-favourite track: “The Entity”. This time the band decided to join forces with German up-and-coming film director Claudio Barrantes. Unlike many other bands who currently do videos, VoD opted for something original with a proper storyline to fit the music and also different locations.

In April this year the guys finally hit the studio to record their sophomore effort, titled “Tearing Up the Roots”. Unfortunately Gerd decided to call it quits shortly before recording so the guys did the album as a 4-piece, with Dejan assuming all guitar duties. Tearing Up the Roots turned out to be a more mature album and a very logical evolution by any standard. The new songs are now heavier and catchier. The producer? None other than Norbert Leitner of Udio Media Studios in Vienna. Norbert is without a doubt the best metal producer in the whole of Austria (Mortal Strike, Esseker, Eneera, Lowbau, Days of Loss… the list is endless). Norbert was thrilled by the potential VoD and has most successfully managed to capture the perfect sound for the band on the second album.

After scouring the whole of Vienna looking for another guitarist VoD eventually found an excellent second guitarist – Liam Schmid. He simply wowed the band in the audition.

Concerts followed… including a support slot alongside legendary thrash metal band Flotsam and Jetsam. Also the guys were honoured to play at Donauinselfest 2015, “Metalheads Against Racism” alongside bands like Mortal Strike, Days of Loss, Ewig Frost, Pain Is, etc. etc.

The talent is there. Second album simply kicks ass. The live performances are hellish. The videos are compelling. VoD are absolutely ready to once and for all burst onto the scene to give the metal (and rock) listener a breath of fresh air with their ambitious amalgamation of styles, moods and vibes.

Call it modern metal, stoner/groove/thrash…, it doesn’t make a difference. It’s definitely metal. It’s VoD. It’s just so much more.
VoD are sure ready to take off – you’re more than welcome to join them on this exciting journey.

STREAM: Porta Daemonium - Via Sinistra & Porta Daemonium

Death metal from Chile.

25 cze 2016


Bulletsize started the year 2004 in the depths of Sweden. First as a thrash-metal band, but has now evolved to a faster, angrier and heavier combination of oldschool thrash and modern death-metal.

24 cze 2016


Kaeck is a war black metal band from the Netherlands and was formed in the winter of 2014. Consisting of members of Sammath, Kjeld and Noordelingen. Some of them being active in the black metal underground for more than 20 years. The purpose of Kaeck is to wander the path of black metal in its purest and primal form. The entire album ‘Stormkult’ was written in 7 weeks.
‘Stormkult’ is to be released by Heathen Tribes Records in June 2016 as a strictly limited special edition cassette of 100 and includes a poster and lyric sheet, and a slipcase cover for the tape.


STREAM: Protean - The Black Army

Protean is a Black Metal project started back in 2013, and since then it is developed and masterminded by two well known Latvian Metal Underground personalities - Mr. Jānis Krivāns (ex-Moonveil, ex-Urskumug) and Mr. Edmunds Vizla (Frailty).

The band was recently joined by Mr. Jānis Bušs (Eschatos), to be its lead vocalist and Mr. Edgars Gultnieks (Eschatos) as guitarist.

The music of Protean is finely crafted Black Metal, melodic, agressive and majestic, with lyrics focusing on mythologies, legends, folk tales and warfare of both ancient and still existing nations.
Debut album The Burning Centuries was nominated for the Best Latvian Metal album 2015 and won the Latvian Metal Debut 2015 nomination. Also PROTEAN’s guitarist Edgars was recognized as the Latvian Metal musician of the year 2015.

STREAM: Valgaldr - Østenfor sol (2016)

In the autumn of 2015, Jon Embalmer (Wendigo, Cognition) decided to pay tribute to his favourite style of black metal, 90s True Norwegian Black Metal. He asked Kvalvaag (Astaroth, Arvas, Wendigo) to join on bass, and Kvalvaag agreed on the condition that he could play drums as well. The ideology of Valgaldr is to sound like a 90s Norwegian Black Metal band that could have coexisted naturally alongside the bands of the time. The debut album, "Østenfor sol", has been released on CD by Fallen-Angels Productions and has received an excellent reception in the underground black metal scene. Now Heathen Tribes are releasing a strictly limited run of 100 hand numbered tapes. This is your chance to get your hands on a true collector's item.

STREAM: Excöriator - Faster Harder Louder (2016)

So who, or rather what are ExcöriatoR! Hailing from Sweden and the United States, this is a band that is all about the mettle, and they love it loud and old school. They play fast, hard, loud, raw, aggressive, Thrash Metal, with that vintage vinyl crunch. There are no modern elements here, just Noise era, Bay Area, straight-forward, in your face, heavy shit! The lyrics are always something to ponder too, with their tongue-in-cheek, yet thought-provoking diatribes.

All musicians on this release are seasoned veterans of the glory days who came together to celebrate the music they loved in their youth.

23 cze 2016

COLISEUM - I Hate Them All EP (2016)

Kraj: Brazylia
Wydawca: Via Nocturna
Kontakt: https://www.facebook.com/Coliseum-536612279828652/?fref=ts

Przyznam się, że zarówno nazwa, jak i okładka trochę mnie zmyliły. Podświadomie oczekiwałem muzyki klimatycznej, może czegoś ocierającego się o doom metal, a pierwszy raz jak zobaczyłem okładkę, to pomyślałem, że oto ktoś bierze na tapetę Starożytny Rzym. Tymczasem brazylijski duet serwuje na swoim debiutanckim minialbumie trochę ponad 20 minut fuzji tradycyjnych odmian thrash black i death metalu. Klasyczny zestaw, czyli gitara, bas, perkusja oraz krzyczący wokal i mamy miłą dla ucha kombinacje thrashowej motoryki, blackowego jadu i deathowego ciężaru.

Na płycie znajduje się 5 utworów i każdy z nich ma swój indywidualny charakter, który odróżnia go od pozostałej czwórki. Otwierający płytę "1000 Cannons In Front of Vaticano" to typowa kompozycja łącząca w sobie wymienione wcześniej cechy thrash, black i death metalu. Zwrotki są w szybszym tempie, w refrenach następuje zwolnienie. W tym utworze słyszę wpływy Bathory z okresu "Octagon" i "Requiem"i coś z Sodom. Następny po nim "Enter the Coliseum" to także galopująca petarda, ale tym razem riffy zahaczają bardziej o thrash metal i przenikają się z black metalową wściekłością. Utwór tytułowy to najbardziej rozbudowana kompozycja na płycie. Tempo często ulega zmianie, fajnie gada bas, a w refrenach występują ciekawe partie gitarowe. Najbardziej do gustu przypadł mi jednak przedostatni "Matilha 45". W tym kawałku zespół ponownie położył nacisk na klimat nie na szybkość i podniosłą atmosferę utworu uzyskał, stosując marszowe rytmy oraz klimatyczne chóru w refrenach. Ostatni na płycie "Why Don't You Lough Now Bastards?" to bezkompromisowa black'n'rollowa jazda z punkową energią i blackową chłostą. Idealny numer na zakończenie albumu.

Jestem mile zaskoczony tym wydawnictwem i podejrzewam, że fanom old schoolu przypadnie ono do gustu.

KVLT: Mhönos - Miserere Nostri (2016)

Kraj: Francja
Wydawca: Zanjeer Zani Productions
Kontakt: http://www.mhonos.fr/

Tajmnicze, niepokojące dźwięki z Francji.


21 cze 2016

AMONG THE PREY - Only For The Blinded Eyes (2016)

Kraj: Finlandia
Wydawca: Inverse Records

W niedawno opublikowanej recenzji dla KVLT wspomniałem, że część zespołów z Finlandii posiada w swojej muzyce nutkę charakterystycznej nostalgii i melancholii, co może się wiązać z krajem, z którego pochodzą. Among The Prey do tej grupy nie należy. Kwartet w lutym tego roku wydał nakładem Inverse Records debiutancki album, na którym łoi konkretny melodyjny death metal połączony z deathcore'em.

Muzyka, którą oferuje czterech Finów to dynamiczne i energetyczne dźwięki, na które składają się ostre i cięte riffy, na szczęście umiarkowanie techniczne, melodyjne partie solowe  i wściekłe wokale, które moim zdaniem mogłyby być bardziej urozmaicone, ale poza tym nie mogę im nic zarzucić. Brzmienie płyty jest czyste i czytelne, dzięki czemu przyjemnie się słucha tego materiału. Muzyka oparta jest na utartych schematach panujących w tym gatunku i trudno doszukiwać się rewolucyjnych rozwiązań, co jednak nie ma wpływu na pozytywny odbiór całości. Jest to niezły materiał i podejrzewam, że zyska sobie całkiem spore grono wielbicieli. Mnie do gustu przypadł szczególnie kawałek "Wake Up" z ciekawymi partiami syntezatorów. W ogólnym rozrachunku jestem na tak.


20 cze 2016


Project Silence is an industrial metal band from Finland, they combine extreme metal
to headbanging industrial.

Project Silence is an industrial metal band from Finland, they combine extreme metal
to headbanging industrial. Band is known from their energetic live performances and tight playing. Their new album was recorded, mixed and mastered by themselves and features some thrash, black and extreme metal influence. ‘Slave To The Machine’ is centered around themes of Sci-Fi, violence, sex, love and misery. Many lyrical themes came from personal life, but also from popular culture, books & authors like Moers, Lovecraft and even King. ‘Slave To The Machine’ is also influenced by elements from early industrial scene to modern metal. Project Silence has come a long way from 2008 and musically band has evolved a lot, but the idea behind it all is just coming through in ‘Slave To The Machine’.

Delacroix (vocals, keyboards, programming), J (rhythm guitar), Mr. Sanderz (lead guitar),
Sturmpanzerjдger (bass, backing vocals), Silve_R (drums)

Current line-up:
Delacroix [Vocals, Keyboards, Programming]
J [Guitar]
Mr. Sanderz [Guitar]
Silve_R [Drums]
Sturmpanzerjдger [Bass, Backing vocals]

PROJECT SILENCE (Unofficial demo) | Self released | 2008
VOICES  (Single) | Self released | 2009
424 (Album) | Self released | 2012
ONE WAY TO HELL (Single) | Self released | 2013
KEEPER (DISEASE REMIX) (Single) | Self released | 2013
FLESH OF THE GOD (Single) | Self released | 2015
INFECTION (Single) | Self released | 2015



Italian horror metal band Banned from Hell signs with Sliptrick Records, to release new album "Fall Of Humanity" on June 30th!

Banned From Hell is an italian metal band.
Its style is based on horror sounds, biting riffs with sudden variation that makes the songs so exceptional.
In 2015 the band reached the current formation and recorded the first full-length Fall of Humanity.
It processes the themes of the first ep (Nigthmare) with more gain, riffs and incredible influences mixed in an unique combination of emotions.


Chugun was forged in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2010.
The word "Chugun" means Cast Iron in Russian, which describes exactly the blunt aggression
of their music, combining the speed of old school Thrash/Death Metal with the grooves of modern Metal.
The band released their debut album, entitled "Virus" in 2015, and it got a warm reception and positive reviews from bloggers and webzines worldwide.


STREAM: COLDBLOOD - Indescribable Physiognomy of the Devil (2016)

Veteran Brazilian Death Metal Troop "COLDBLOOD" unleashed their third full length, "Indescribable Physiognomy of the Devil" from Satanath Records​ &Metallic Media on June 16, 2016​.

BEANSIDHE wyda swój debiut w Via Nocturna!

Szwajcarski Beansidhe to wyjątkowy zespół tworzący wielopłaszczyznowe struktury dźwiękowe, które łączą różne odmiany ekstremalnego metalu. Całość obleczona jest w niesamowitą, hipnotyzującą atmosferę, która tworzy wyjątkową muzykę. Prawdziwą mieszaninę gatunków i stylów, które wypełniają 40 minut ich debiutanckiego krążka “Mónt”. Opętańcze wokale, skrzeczące gitary, intensywne bębny, dziwne struktury utworów… to wszystko to Beansidhe.

Poniżej do odsłuchu pierwszy numer promujący płytę, pt. “Febraar”:

Tracklista prezentuje się następująco:
01. Mont
02. Spazi
03. Mort
04. Feras
05. Febraar
06. Diavol

Płyta zostanie wydana jako jewel case CD limitowany do 500 sztuk już 28 lipca 2016.
Pre-ordery można składać tutaj: http://store.vianocturna.com/beansidhe-mont-cd-p-1037.html

16 cze 2016

STREAM: ASCENT - Dead Silence

ASCENT is a Death metal formation from Novosibirsk, Russia.

The idea about the project was created by Semyon Osipov in 2013. After several unsuccessful experiences playing in different bands he decided to make one-man project. Then he left the current band and the work was started. The idea not to play classical death metal came up itself however Semyon was influenced by old school legends. But he wanted to make something new and fresh though.

In 2014 7 tracks were created to work with. Semyon went to the best studio in Novosibirsk. There among snow and coldness accompanied by two great sound engineers Sergey Zimin and Andrey Shingarev recordings were started. It was no time limits so the process was slow and painstaking.
After finishing guitar recordings Semyon was asked if he wants to take part in the local band called Paintheon. Wanting to escape from studio work he agreed and then met Ascent’s future bass player Evgeny Kositsyn there. Paintheon was searching for new drummer and they invited Semyon’s old friend Andrey Raevsky to help for several shows. Andrey also helped Semyon to create drum parts for Ascent before. After some shows were done Paintheon was dissolved because of some issues and Semyon asked Evgeny to record some bass parts for Ascent. After recordings were done guys decided they’ll try to play the existed material. The atmosphere during rehearsals was really hot and it was decided to keep going with this lineup. Rhythm section was really professional and Semyon declined ‘one-man project’ label so the band was officially organized.
Finally 3 men started searching for the one to be a frontman. It was not so easy considering Novosibirsk is a megapolis. After 2 unsuccessful attempts the band found Anna Dizendorf. Several days after that Anna kicked the hell outta the mic and guys decided to stop searches so the frontwoman footholded in the band.
With this lineup the band completes the work on the first album and starts to promote it.


Finnish industrial extreme/black metal mongers Project Silence reveals preview track from the upcoming album 'Slave To The Machine' (due to be out on June the 30th).

One of the oldest songs from the band, still kicking, featured in the upcoming album 'Slave To The Machine', 'Desperation' combines some heavy riffs, little bit industrial/electro synths and black metal melodies, lyrically song deals with global issues which affect us all."


STREAM: Children Of Seraph - Metalface

Children of Seraph™ is a Heavy Metal band from Tacoma Washington with one thing on their mind: to bring back the passion and intensity into modern metal, while also being unique and creating their own legacy in the metal world. With clean and powerful vocals, dynamic drumming, pounding bass, fierce guitar work, symphonic keys, and Classical and Blues guitar duels that would remind someone of the Rust In Piece era Megadeth, CoS knew what they wanted to do and set out to seize their destiny.

Children of Seraph was formed by guitarist Nathanyel Nieves in February of 2013. Though it took almost a whole year to find members that would fit his musical style and dreams, he eventually got things going by December of 2013. The band played a few shows starting out strictly as a more 80's glam type of metal band, but Nathanyel wanted to achieve more than just a generic 80's glam band ripoff. He began studying classical music, added the keyboard to his music and started to slowly change the direction of the band into a Power Metal band. Nathanyel, also being a huge gamer, decided that he also wanted to add in influences from his favorite video game music to help his band stand out more. Around September of 2014, Nathanyel realized that his band members were not as dedicated as he was and that they were holding him back. He then decided to find new members for CoS that would put in the same amount of effort as he was. He then went out to recruit new members. He recruited singer Collazo, bassist Will Bennett, second guitarist Xabier Alesander, and drummer/keyboardist Gabe Valdez to form an epic line up that stood out in the Seattle music scene.

The band released their self titled EP in 2015. While only being available for a short time, it received very positive reviews and gained international radio airplay. The band is currently gearing up to release their debut album "Warriors of Light" later in 2016 as well as a European and Japan tour to support their release.

STREAM: Ligature Wound - Obsessed with Torture

STREAM: HUMANITY DELETE - Fuck Forever Off (2016)

HUMANITY DELETE was initally formed in 2003, and a demo was recorded but never released. Intsead Ribspreader took the time, and Humanity Deleted was put on ice for many years.
In 2012 there was an idea to resurrect the band, and finalyl release the demo recordings. However instead of putting out just the old stuff, an full album was written and released called "Neverending Nightmares".
A few more years passed and time again smiled on the ugly heap that was  Humanity Delete, and slowly, or rather very quickly, an album was again spawned forth.
This time even uglier and more ggressive than ever before.
Now feats your ears and delight to the awesome spews that lies inside the confines of what is "Fuck Forevber Off"

All music and lyrics by Humanity Delete
Recorded at The Rotpit
Mixed and mastered by B. Helgetun at Studio Brainjar
Artwork by Joe Petagno
Logo by Silvester The Goregnome Koorevaar
Tryout By Black Winter


Carnal Decay Promo 2016 was engineered, recorded, mixed and mastered at Kohlekeller Studio in Seeheim Jugenheim, Germany January 2016 by Kristian „Kohle“ Kohlmannslehner and Kai Stahlenberg.

Carnal Decay / Virulency / Cancerous Womb tour dates:

05.07.2016 – D – Leipzig – 4rooms //

06.07.2016 – NL – Tilburg - Extase //

07.07.2016 - BEL - Antwerpen - Music City

08.07.2016 - BEL - Roselare - De Verlichte Geest //

09.07.2016 - D - Schriesheim - Awwgegrinded //

10.07.2016 - T.B.A.

11.07.2016 - FL - Vaduz - Take 5 //

12.07.2016 - CH - Zürich - Ebrietas //

ZORORMR - The Aftremath EP (2016)

Kraj: Polska
Wydawca: Via Nocturna
Kontakt: http://www.zorormr.net/

Wydany w zeszłym roku trzeci album "Corpus Hermeticum" zrobił na mnie olbrzymie wrażenie (recenzja), więc ostrzyłem sobie zęby na kolejne wydawnictwo tego jednoosobowego projektu. Długo nie musiałem czekać, ponieważ 10 czerwca tego roku nakładem Via Nocturna pojawił się opisywany minialbum, zawierający 6 utworów, trwających łącznie prawie 25 minut.

Pierwsze cztery kawałki, które zostały zarejestrowane podczas sesji "Corpus Hermeticum", ale nie zostały umieszczone na albumie. Od razu wyjaśniam, że nie są to żadne odpady sesyjne. Charakter tych kompozycji po prostu ewidentnie nie pasuje do koncepcji albumu i ich włączenie na trójkę wpłynęłoby na spójność całego materiału.

Kompozycje te cechuje mroczna atmosfera, Zło i diaboliczność. Dominują wolne, ciężkie momenty, ale są chwile, gdy muzyka wyraźnie przyspiesza a blasty podkreślają co bardziej istotne fragmenty utworów. Oprócz dobrych riffów klimat budują zarówno partie klawiszy zastosowane z umiarem, jak i demoniczny wokal Molocha oraz perkusja, która wprowadza elementy rytualności. Między te elementy wplecione są melodyjne, wręcz epickie solówki. Ale moją uwagę przykuły szczególnie odrobinę niepokojące i wywołujące grozę partie pianina w instrumentalnym, tytułowym utworze.

Pozostałe dwie kompozycje to utwory nagrane podczas sesji nagraniowych poprzednich albumów "Krval" i "IHS". Kawałki te to surowy, pierwotny black metal, oparty na szybkich i średnich tempach, które jednak zawierają w sobie już charakterystyczny pierwiastek, wyróżniający Zorormr spośród innych black metalowych projektów.

"The Aftermath" stanowi zakończenie pewnego okresu i początek kolejnego w działalności Zorormr, jednakże jeśli kierunek nowego rozdziału jest reprezentowany przez takie utwory jak "The Last Judgement" czy "The Crawling Chaos" to już z niecierpliwością czekam na informacje o kolejnym wydawnictwie.

13 cze 2016

DIVINITY - The Immortalist, Pt. 2: Momentum EP (2016)

Kraj: Kanada
Wydawca: Divinity
Kontakt: https://www.facebook.com/divinitymetal

Kanadyjska formacja Divinity wdrożyła w życie niecodzienny sposób wydania koncepcyjnego albumu zatytułowanego "The Immortalist". Otóż historia zostanie przedstawiona jako trylogia pod postacią trzech cztero-utworowych minialbumów. Pierwszy z nich zatytułowany "The Immortalist, Pt​.​1 - Awestruck" ukazał się w 2013. Prezentowana część druga miała premierę w lutym tego roku, a na koniec 2016 zapowiadana jest ostatnia część, nad którą zespół właśnie pracuje. Po ukazaniu się trzeciej EP-ki, historia zostanie ponownie wydana w całości na winylu. Tyle na temat planów wydawniczych, przejdźmy może do muzyki.

The Immortalist, Pt. 2: Momentum trwa 24 minuty a muzyka, jaką na niej usłyszymy, jest całkiem interesująca. Aby nadać jakiś kierunek, użyję terminu techniczny, melodyjny death metal. Na szczęście żaden z tych pierwiastków nie jest dominujący, co oznacza mniej więcej tyle, że jest trochę technicznego grania, ale nie przytłacza ono słuchacza ilością dźwięków upchanych w jednym takcie. Podobnie z melodią, która jest, ale nie redukuje ciężaru całego materiału. Wszystko jest podane z umiarem i wyczuciem. Zespół zresztą nie ogranicza się tylko do death metalu i trzeci utwór "D.M.T." można praktycznie podciągnąć pod progresywny metal. W tym kawałku, w odróżnieniu od pozostałych trzech, rolę przewodnią pełnią czyste wokale. Partie wokalne to kolejny interesujący aspekt muzyki Kanadyjczyków, gdyż zespół posiada dwóch równoprawnych wokalistów, naprzemiennie lub równolegle wykrzykujących kolejne wersy tekstu. Futurystyczny klimat płyty budują partie klawiszy.

Propozycja Divinity może przypaść do gustu fanom takich grup jak Soilwork (Bjorn 'Speed' Strid daje zresztą głosu we wspomnianym "D.M.T."), Strapping Young Lad, czy Fear Factory. Mnie osobiście się podoba i teraz czekam na cześć trzecią. Po jej ukazaniu zarezerwuje sobie czas i przysiądę do wszystkich trzech, aby przejść przez historię The Immortalist za jednym podejściem.

11 cze 2016

NOVA CYCLE - Nova Cycle (2016)

Kraj: USA
Wydawca: Via Nocturna
Kontakt: https://www.facebook.com/novacycle

Ósmego czerwca prężnie ostatnio działająca Via Nocturna, wydała kolejne wydawnictwo i ponownie jest to album, na który warto zwrócić uwagę. Tym razem mamy do czynienia z klimatami

10 cze 2016

STREAM: HAIKU FUNERAL - The First Amphetamine Kiss

HAIKU FUNERAL was born in a smoke-filled recording studio in Marseille, France on Halloween night of 2008.  The result is music that could be described as hallucinogenic, sinister, and visionary.

9 cze 2016

8 cze 2016

AMON AMARTH - Jomsviking (2016)

Kraj: Szwecja

Amon Amarth zacząłem słuchać około trzech, czterech lat temu. Wcześniej nazwa obijała mi się o
uszy, nawet jakieś teledyski widziałem, ale nie miałem szczególnego powodu, aby zagłębiać się w twórczość Szwedów. Z czasem jednak kolejne pozycje wpadały do mojej skromnej kolekcji. Do

STREAM: PRAGNAVIT - Skarby Zmiainaha Karala (2016)

Pragnavit is a Shamanic Dark Ambient / Neofolk project of ingenious Belarusian musician Voist

STREAM: DUSK - Satan's Laws (2016)

Dusk is orthodoxal Satanic Black Metal project from Hungary born in 1995. The founding member is

STREAM: BLOODRAIN - Bloodrain V: Adora Satanae (2016)

Bloodrain is Black Thrash Metal band from Tver, Russia, formed in 1995. From the very beginning,

STREAM: KOZELJNIK - Death Gives unto Life (2016)

Kozeljnik is a Black Metal project of Marko Jerkovic and Luka Govednik from the Serbian band The