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17 lip 2017

INDIGNITY signs with Sliptrick Records

Polish brutal death metal band Indignity published new song 'Consumed by Anhedonia'. Track comes from upcoming debut album 'Realm of Dissociation' which will be released by Sliptrick Records in September 2017. Album was produced in Orion Studio by Daniel 'Azar Arendarski'. Artwork was made by Pachu Design.

01. Genotype of a Murderer
02. Addicted to Brutality
03. Embodiment of Internal Corruption
04. Bloodlust
05. Consumed by Anhedonia
06. Skull Trepanation
07. Whine of Conceit
08. Violence Escalation
09. Kerathoprothesis

More info:

Indignity was formed in 2014 by guitarist Miras and drummer Tarki. Their main inspiration were technical brutal bands like Decapitated, Archspire, Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation etc. They wanted to create something fresh based on it. Shortly after, Sesil join the band as bass guitarist. Same year, band decided to record a three-track demo 'Decrepitude' that would help them find the last missing piece -  a vocalist. 2015 brought them the right guy with a proper deep throat, and swine flocks in his voice - Kilas. He quickly finished recording his part of 'Decrepitude' demo. These recordings gained recognition among metal fans and music press. In 2017, after few concerts promoting 'Decrepitude' demo, Indignity recorded their first album 'Realm of Dissociation'  filled with technical brutality. The music started evolving, grind and slam touches were added.

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