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2 lip 2017

STREAM: GRAND DELUSION - Supreme Machine (2017)

Grand Delusion have been active since 2011. Magnus and Mikael started up the band together with two guitarists to play 70s inspired hard rock. Nils Eklund and Joakim Gustafsson joined later the same year. A couple of guitarists passed through before Per joined in 2013. Then the band started to
gel and get a musical unity. First album “The Last Ray of the Dying Sun” was recorded with this setting. Guitarist Nils left the band in 2014 due to musical differences and Björn joined as the new guitarist. Vocalist Joakim moved to Italy at the end of 2015 and left the microphone to Björn who took over the lead vocal duties, leading Grand Delusion into a new dimension.

The new release “Supreme Machine” is a step toward a heavier and darker sound.

The music:
The riff-based songs are based on heavy and progressive 70-ies hard rock, mixed with NWOBHM, a pinch of grunge and retro-metal.

“Supreme Machine” Full-length 2017
“Doomsday” Single 2016
“The Last Ray of the Dying Sun” Full-length 2015

All recordings have been made at Studio 13 in Vännäs, Sweden.

Sandra Truedson is the graphic artist behind the band logo and cover art for the albums and singles. 

Homepage: www.granddelusion.se

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