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10 sie 2016

STREAM: ÉOHUM - Ealdfaeder EP (2016)

Éohum blends the most gruesome with the cleanest of black and doom metal to create hypnotic riffs with seducing French Horn. Founded by Jeremy Perkins (guitar) who birthed the band from a poetic project, their second release Ealdfaeder' sees the return of Annie Perreault (French Horn/Flute), Sylvain Dumont (Guitar), Barrie Butler (Vocals) plus new comers Cesar Franco (bass) and Luca Belviso (drums) whom have made up the band up for over a year now. All are focused on the distinct grassroots of old school, very heavy progression that has flourished since last year to give way to a distinct path, sound and image with each member sharing common ground on the message, beliefs and ideas behind Éohum.

For more info, please visit http://www.facebook.com/eohumband.

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