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22 mar 2016

NEWS: CrystalMoors signed to Casus Belli Musica

The third album of CRYSTALMOORS (Cantabrian/Celtic Pagan Metal, Spain), titled as "The Mountain Will Forgive Us", will be released by CASUS BELLI MUSICA in the spring of 2016. This special album will consist of two parts: the 1st CD "The Sap That Feeds Us" is the band’s brand new material in the vein traditional for the group, and the 2nd CD "La Montaña" contains the unplugged versions of some old and new songs played with folk instruments.

At the moment the group finishes the album recording and prepares its artwork. In order to cheer up their fans and brighten up the waiting, CRYSTALMOORS shot a video clip for the song "Over the Same Land" taken from the forthcoming album.


Moreover, CASUS BELLI MUSICA will reissue the previous CRYSTALMOORS’ album "Circle Of The Five Serpents", which was self-released by the group in 2011.


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