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19 mar 2016

NEWS: Ethereal Riffian: Pre-orders of "I AM. Deathless" EP now open!

Ukraine's premier psychedelic stoner act, ETHEREAL RIFFIAN, return with their new EP, "I AM. Deathless", set for release this May in association with Robustfellow Prods.

"I AM. Deathless" is the follow-up to ETHEREAL RIFFIAN's magical live experience "Youniversal Voice", which was released earlier this year.

This two-track conceptual EP will be released on CD, tape, vinyl and will be accompanied with a book. The artwork was created by Mila Hopeful and if you haven't done it already, you can listen to a preview of the track "Sword Of The Deatless" at this location: https://soundcloud.com/ultrajept/ethereal-riffian-sword-of-the-deathless-cut

Pre-order CDs (released in unique, unseen before format), tapes, bundles and new hand-made 5CD discographies here:
- https://etherealriffian.bandcamp.com/album/i-am-deathless-ep
- https://robustfellow.bandcamp.com/album/rbf-015-ethereal-riffian-2016-i-am-deathless

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