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24 paź 2016

STREAM: SPEEDWHORE - On The Verge Of Dysfunction EP (2016)

Munich’s rumbling Black Thrashers Speedwhore was formed in 2006. After having a few lineup changes and two demo releases, their debut album, “The Future Is Now”, a pure underground and old-school Thrash Metal release despite its varied elements - ranging from slow Doom riffs to fast
Black and Death Metal parts, finally saw the light of day in April 2015, when it was released by the German Heavy and Thrash-Metal label Witches Brew.

2016 marks the 10th year of SPEEDWHORE, and to celebrate their 10th year anniversary, the blazing mad force is offering “On The Verge Of Dysfunction”, an EP featuring 7 finely crafted Germanic Black Thrash numbers that’ll get all skulls banging in a frenzy with alcoholic force. First Wave inspired speedy riffs, occasional NWOBHM flavored appealing guitar solos, piercing screams like Marcel Schirmer (Destruction), and dynamic ear shattering drumming – all together create a channel to get back to the ruthless early 80s Extreme Metal era.

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