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16 cze 2016

STREAM: ASCENT - Dead Silence

ASCENT is a Death metal formation from Novosibirsk, Russia.

The idea about the project was created by Semyon Osipov in 2013. After several unsuccessful experiences playing in different bands he decided to make one-man project. Then he left the current band and the work was started. The idea not to play classical death metal came up itself however Semyon was influenced by old school legends. But he wanted to make something new and fresh though.

In 2014 7 tracks were created to work with. Semyon went to the best studio in Novosibirsk. There among snow and coldness accompanied by two great sound engineers Sergey Zimin and Andrey Shingarev recordings were started. It was no time limits so the process was slow and painstaking.
After finishing guitar recordings Semyon was asked if he wants to take part in the local band called Paintheon. Wanting to escape from studio work he agreed and then met Ascent’s future bass player Evgeny Kositsyn there. Paintheon was searching for new drummer and they invited Semyon’s old friend Andrey Raevsky to help for several shows. Andrey also helped Semyon to create drum parts for Ascent before. After some shows were done Paintheon was dissolved because of some issues and Semyon asked Evgeny to record some bass parts for Ascent. After recordings were done guys decided they’ll try to play the existed material. The atmosphere during rehearsals was really hot and it was decided to keep going with this lineup. Rhythm section was really professional and Semyon declined ‘one-man project’ label so the band was officially organized.
Finally 3 men started searching for the one to be a frontman. It was not so easy considering Novosibirsk is a megapolis. After 2 unsuccessful attempts the band found Anna Dizendorf. Several days after that Anna kicked the hell outta the mic and guys decided to stop searches so the frontwoman footholded in the band.
With this lineup the band completes the work on the first album and starts to promote it.

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