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20 cze 2016

STREAM: COLDBLOOD - Indescribable Physiognomy of the Devil (2016)

Veteran Brazilian Death Metal Troop "COLDBLOOD" unleashed their third full length, "Indescribable Physiognomy of the Devil" from Satanath Records​ &Metallic Media on June 16, 2016​.

The band was forged in the underworld of Rio de Janeiro with the intention to make a sound based on the roots of Death Metal and to preach Satanic Doctrine. The album, which was recorded in Brazil and mixed and mastered in Germany, has 10 new songs showing Coldblood with its feet even more nailed in the roots of the 90s Death Metal, but also adding its own identity in compositions that will surprise the listeners thirsty for an obscure, chaotic and traditional Death Metal. Menacing vocal deliveries, pounding drum hammerings, sharp and thick bass lines, and continuous neck wrecking riffs together with the fiendish, transitory solos will make any death metal fans go insane.

Purchase the Album from Satanath Records


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