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30 cze 2016

STREAM: RIBBONS OF EUPHORIA - Ribbons Of Euphoria (2016)

Ribbons of Euphoria is a relatively new band, which, whilst keeping blues-rock as a basis, is flirting with psychedelic and progressive elements, thus composing a beautiful musical combination, which has the immediacy of the - good - old times. They were formed in late 2006 by Nick Poulakis (el. guitar, backing vocals), Thanos Karakantas (organ, bass, backing vocals) and Thanasis Stroggylis (drums). In the summer of 2007, Stavros Zouliatis (vocals) was added to the whole. The band aims to defend rock music and its stylistic culture, thus rendering it existent in a world that considers it lost for ever. Unrepentantly nostalgic of the '60s and '70s, Ribbons include their own compositions from their first album in their repertoire and also many covers of well-known songs, which are performed with precision and respect to the sound and style of that era.

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