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14 wrz 2016

STREAM: Númenor - Dragonheart

Númenor was established in 2009 as a long-time idea of Despot Marko Miranović who is also founder and editor in chief of Metal Sound Magazine.

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 But, there were several bands and musical projects before but the final musical and conceptual idea has been completed by the founding of Númenor when Srdjan Branković (Alogia) and Vladimir Djedović (ex-Alogia) has joined the band. This has happened sometime during the summer of 2010 when Srdjan suggested cooperation.  The first song ever recorded, with new members, was a cover version of Summoning The Legend of the Master-Ring.  A year later, in 2011, Balint has joined the band.

In 2012 (from January-April) the band has finished their debut full-length Colossal Darkness.  Album was recorded in studio Paradox.

In 2013 (29th August)  Númenor has released the debut full-length Colossal Darkness for Stygian Crypt Productions.

In 2014 (during the summer) Númenor has started to compose and record second full-length Sword and Sorcery once again in studio Paradox. During this time Vladimir has left the band due to some personal issues and Mladen Gosic has entered the group as keyboard player.

In November 2015 the band has published second full-length Sword and Sorcery CD for Stromspell Records.

In January 2016 Númenor has recorded and published cover version of Valhalla (Blind Guardian) which was recorded explosively for Stormspell CD compilation.

During summer time 2016 has started to compose and record the songs for the third full-length Chronicles of the Realms Beyond in Paradox Studio.

In September 2016 the band has published Sword and Sorcery re-release including bonus mini CD with 5 songs (those tracks were recorded in the embryonic period of the band between 2016-2009).

The lyrics are based on epic-fantasy literature: Michael Moorcock, J.J.R. Tolkien, Robert E.Howard, HP Lovecraft.

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