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21 mar 2016

STREAM: PEARL GATES - Unchained EP (2015)

Pearly Gates (formed in 2005) is a Helsinki, Finland based rock band that is not afraid to mix catchy pop hooks and chunky guitar riffs in its music. Armed with three guitars the band creates a huge wall of sound only to bring it down with chimey jazz chords all while holding everything together with tight bass lines and monstrous drumming.

In August 2015 Pearly Gates released Unchained, an EP with four tightly knit songs that brings the band's sound to an all time high. The group spent a lot of time in studios, cellars and cabins around Finland recording the songs and making this music as satisfying as an aural experience can be.

The opening track Glass Eyes was also made in to a music video that tells a story about the main character struggling with alienation from the reality. Video is a strong visual presentation of a person who has lost his mind. In newest Pearly Gates music video the band performs the Unchained ballad live inside a cabin in the woods next to a fireplace.

Pearly Gates has played all around Finland during the years and also toured in Europe. The band went on its second extensive European tour in 2013 that included gigs in Latvia, Czech Republic and Poland. In the same year Pearly Gates played at some of the biggest festivals in Finland including Provinssirock and Ilosaarirock. Altogether Pearly Gates has played around 150 gigs around Finland, Russia and Europe.


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