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17 mar 2016


Portuguese prog-death metallers Destroyers of All have made their first album “Bleak Fragments” available for streaming, exclusively at Metal Wani.

Metal Wani comments: "What really sets Destroyers of All’s work apart is how they craft actual songs amidst all the tempo changes, the complexity of the guitar riffs, the bitterness imprinted on the vocal delivery and the intricate bass phrasings. It’s their secret weapon, and a well honed one. Give this record a fair shot, and you’ll be humming to parts of it in no time."

The complete stream is announced a few days before the album launch, this friday, March 18. “Bleak Fragments” features 10 songs and has received great reviews from all over the globe.

Recorded at Golden Jack Studios in Portugal, it’s the first release by brand new Mosher Records, the independent record label arm of main company Mosher Clothing. The album can be purchased at www.mosherrecords.com with free shipping and a free pack with a guitar pick and a band poster.

Metal Wani is the biggest metal portal in Asia, and has a become a reference in terms of metal news, interviews and reviews since launching in 2012.

Stream "Bleak Fragments" in full at this location:


From Ashes Reborn 02:04
Hollow Words 06:06
Hate Through Violence 05:12
Bleak Fragments 05:57
Death Healer 04:33
Unexistence 06:02
The Pain That Feeds 05:42
Speed of Mind 07:43
Tormento 04:55
Day of Reckoning 11:53

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