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19 mar 2016

NEWS: WORMWITCH Premiere Debut Video For ‘Coffin Birth’ via NoCleanSinging

Left to right: Colby Hink (guitar) Robin Harris (bass/vocals) and Max Vüst (drums) Photo Credit: Ed Abarca
Vancouver, BC’s newest Black Metal trio WORMWITCH premiere their debut music video for their single ‘Coffin Birth’ via NoCleanSinging, which has yet to be given an EP to reside through.

The stark film showcases the band’s infinite dedication to their dark, illustrious rendition of Black Metal tinged with elements of traditional hardcore.

To watch to ‘Coffin Birth’, please visit the following link on NoCleanSinging.com: http://www.nocleansinging.com/2016/03/18/an-ncs-video-premiere-wormwitch-coffin-birth/

Free song download 'Coffin Birth' here.

Stay tuned to their Facebook page for more details: https://www.facebook.com/deadhandca

From the rain-swept city of Vancouver come Wormwitch; the result of strain, both musically and mentally, becoming possessed by black metal instrumentals, rock and roll roots, and depressive lyrics. The black metal three-piece is the brainchild of former members of local hardcore act Dead Hand (2013-2015). Wormwitch is Colby Hink (guitar), Max Vüst (drums), and Robin Harris (bass & vocals). The songs are treated as unearthed bones, first they are arranged and named, then a story is developed based on the fractures and cuts, and finally the song is complete.

The band has been constantly swinging like a pendulum further and further right, as if the far left was classic punk rock and the right being blasphemous black metal. Wormwitch have been and will continue to become enveloped in European influences tinged with the slightest hint of rock and roll. The band consists of just three instruments, but somehow combines them all to create a catastrophous sound.
Each song is built to prey upon listeners as if taking in their energy and maintaining a deadly grip. The band’s goal is to engage the audience both instrumentally and emotionally as if to exhaust them. “The Long Defeat,” is the first EP discharged from the collective mind of Wormwitch. The band is currently drafting their sophomore release which has yet to be named. They are also releasing their rogue single titled “Coffin Birth” focusing on nature taking charge and sacrificing and renewing itself, all in an effort to destroy the blight of man.

Cover art for single: Coffin Birth (2016)

Lyrics for single: COFFIN BIRTH

Artwork: Luciana Nedelea – Artworks

All songs written and performed by: Wormwitch
Mixed and produced by: Matthew Roach
Mastered by: Brad Boatright Audiosiege
Album Band/Live Line Up: Robin Harris, Colby Hink, Max Vüst

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