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24 cze 2016

STREAM: Excöriator - Faster Harder Louder (2016)

So who, or rather what are ExcöriatoR! Hailing from Sweden and the United States, this is a band that is all about the mettle, and they love it loud and old school. They play fast, hard, loud, raw, aggressive, Thrash Metal, with that vintage vinyl crunch. There are no modern elements here, just Noise era, Bay Area, straight-forward, in your face, heavy shit! The lyrics are always something to ponder too, with their tongue-in-cheek, yet thought-provoking diatribes.

All musicians on this release are seasoned veterans of the glory days who came together to celebrate the music they loved in their youth.
Since these geezers are probably your elders, please respect the fact that they have families, and real responsibilities. Consequently, they do not tour, nor do they even perform live. Being from different parts of the planet also makes it impossible to rehearse, or even get together and just have a good time. Thankfully, with the rise of Smartphones, and the Internet, they are provided the opportunity to correspond and share demos. This allows the key songwriters to take advantage of today's available technology to create some killer cuts, based on some classic collaborations.

Mon Nume, and NecroBeastFace, are the chief songwriters, while Adrian MettleSam is the master with the wonderful words of odd. Which leaves Shakeface Wunjo to focus on the mixing, producing, and mastering. This album was mostly fashioned at studio Rövsvett during the summer 2015.

You may wonder why the crazy names? Well it is simple, ExcöriatoR despise Social Media, and though they want everyone to hear their music, they do not want to be personally recognized for it. They have chosen anonymity, and the arcane path, not because it is the pretentious thing to do, but basically because in their personal lives they just want to be left the fuck alone.

So enjoy the music for what it is. If you are well-versed in the English language, take time read the lyrics carefully, and you might learn something, if not just bang your head, and bleed for speed!

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