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29 cze 2016

STREAM: Fortíð - The Demo Sessions (2016)

Formed in Iceland 2002 as the solo project of Einar Thorberg, AKA Eldur. After releasing 3 albums, known as the Völuspá trilogy, Fortid had relocated in Norway as a full lineup band. The year of 2012 saw the release of the 4th album entitled Pagan Prophecies and Fortid followed up in 2015 with the album 9. Through the years of 2008-2015, Fortid made approximately 80 minutes of demos and pre-productions. These recordings consist of 5 different sessions and are all coming together on one CD which is simply entitled ‘The Demo Sessions’. This includes rough demo mixes, 2 entirely different recording sessions of songs from Pagan Prophecies, an Enslaved cover song and a brand new Fortid song, written exclusively for this release. This is a collector item. 6th studio album is already well on the way in the making.

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