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30 cze 2016

STREAM: BLIGHT - The Teachings EP (2016)

BLIGHT bursted forth from the Womb of the UmbraPlasma back in 2008, as a singular emanation willed by our Lord in Gnosis, LUXFERRE. Initially a very low profile side-projects from ex-members of VATICAN (G. McCaughry & Thomas) which was only to release underground tapes (namely "hELIed" via Croquemort Records, and "Anarchonic Deathworship" via Heavy Penetration Prod.).

After a brief hiatus from 2010 to 2011 and G. McCaughry parting ways with Thomas, as well as the subsequent online release of all recorded material thus far, a new pact was formed with ex-Insect members Pascal, Cedric & Rob (formerly from INSECT & ONTÔS ON) to create what would become the next incarnation of BLIGHT as a full-lineup project.

2012 was a busy year focusing on developing that vision, writing new material and preparing for an eventual come back on stage.

Brand new tracks, respectively entitled "Death Reborn" and "Gnostic Dirge" have been recorded at Sonic Stream Studio by Max Ducharme (aka Scythrawl) from Ether, Trails of Anguish, Nefastus Dies, Unquintessence, etc.


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